Anya Smells Baby Powder Candle Review

No this post is not a petty cat-fight in the making, rather a call for all those that crave something a little different and yet familiar at the same time...

Anya Smells Baby Powder Candle

It's September and I'm calling the start of candle season. I'm a candle obsessive, there I said it (I feel better and we can all move on) but I'll be the first to say that at the moment so many home fragrance brands, and launches all feel a tad same-y, and dare I say safe. Yes certain brands photograph beautifully and flood Instagram daily but do the really make a scent statement? In a word no and that is why the new and timely launch of Anya Hindmarch, Anya Smells candle range is a scented breath of fresh air (yes I went there).

Anya Smells Baby Powder Candle

As a brand - and perhaps even as a designer - Anya Hindmarch is known to be quirky so why would her foray into the world of fragrance be any different? The Anya Smells packaging varies per scent but does borrow elements from her best selling designs, such as googly eyes, large cherry motifs and rainbows but as each candle is presented within a shiny black container for a sense of uniformity (and to pretty much blend in with any home decor scheme). The presentation style perfectly reflects the brand and scent range: fun yet stylish and dare I say "grown-up" at the same time.

Anya Smells Baby Powder Candle

Anya Smells is a small but varied range of no less than six home fragrances, drawing inspiration from seemingly everyday items such as washing powder, toothpaste and cherry lip balm to name a few. On paper (or in this instance screen) it may seem a tad bizarre but in essence, it is rather genius - surely for most of us, candles are a quick way to make a home (or hotel room) seem more homely, well what could be more apt than the true to life scents found within a house? It is a simple and seemingly novel idea but so obvious, so much so it has left me wondering why no-one has fully tapped into such idea before? Sure Yankee Candle etc have frittered around laundry scents in the past but toothpaste and lip balm, this is a whole different realm and who knows what other Anya Smells lie ahead? A shampoo and conditioner scent? Or maybe even something tied to the kitchen via a spice rack? The fragrance world truly is Anya Hindmarch's oyster and as long as this is a fishy nuance she chooses to bypass, she has a life long fan in me.

At this point (and to know me is to know I will collect the others as the year marches on), I have only sampled Anya Smells Baby Powder Candle which is everything you'd expect it to be and more: soft, warm, nostalgic, powdery (of course), oddly slightly sleepy and very clean. It is the perfect bathroom fragrance to unwind with in the bath and may have you reaching for the phone to call your Mother and reminisce about your childhood - I can't be the only one who associates such scents with my Mum now can I?

If you really want your home to smell like a home, Anya Smells is the home fragrance range you have been waiting for.

Anya Smells Baby Powder Candle  £50 via Selfridges - link