Instagram Rainbow Nail Trend 2018

First of all let's address the regrowth issue; my hair, my nails and even my eyebrows are flourishing at the moment and growing at a speed that would make Olympian runners blush. Who knew a combination of good food, sleep, the odd supplement and of course gallons of water could be so beneficial? I'm one step away from greasing myself up with coconut oil and calling myself a healthcare guru. Namaste.

Basic is what, basic does and never one to pass up on the opportunity to try a beauty trend, I popped along to my local nail salon and embraced the "new" rainbow nail trend that is sweeping Instagram.

I say "new" because it isn't is it? As young children we were all partial to a more-the-merrier approach to nail colours, so really this isn't groundbreaking at all, nostalgic if anything. In fact seven year old me is probably frowning and wondering why I've only settled for five shades, when I could've utilised all ten of my fingers and sported a different hue on each - maybe I'll really push the boat out with my next appointment?

What I will say in defence of the rainbow manicure (or whatever buzz descriptor the internet has settled on) is that it is fun and perfect for the indecisive amongst us. If ever you've sat glaring in vain at the racks of never ending nail polishes in a salon, swaying between more than two shades, throw caution to the wind and rock a different shade on each digit. If you can embrace the ring finger manicures of circa 2014, you can prance through the rest of 2018 with slightly mis-matched nails.

Go on, I dare you. Say no to that nude nail shade and yes to a little fun, even if it is just the once.