Stress, Success and Beauty Sleep

Sleep is glorious, isn't it? Well, when you are getting a decent night of rest at least...

Naturally I run on a very high stress level, my mind is forever buzzing and pushing me to do more each day be it an extra lap of the pool, additional freelance work or even more housework than needs be; I am always on the go and typically a little frazzled as I do so. As you can imagine (that and the tell-tale permanent dark rings under my eyes) I don't actually sleep all that much; my average rest span clocks in at just over 6 hours and since the beginning of 2018, I haven't once had a lie in - telling myself I don't need it. I like to push myself in all that I do to maximum capacity and I do find stress to be a huge driving force.

For me stress is the nagging voice that makes me set my alarm a little earlier each day, it is the little push that makes me walk to the gym rather than hopping on the bus (did I ever mention how I hate cardio?) and perhaps the reason I often feel guilty if I am not doing something constructive. Me time is something I have always struggled with, and anything that doesn’t help me further my career or life path often feels like a waste of time - this could explain why I find baths boring and opt for a shower each morning and evening? 

It seems that I'm not alone in surviving on a few hours of sleep each night, with famous names such as Martha Stewart, Tom Ford and Richard Branson all claiming to rest for no more than 5 hours per evening. How true this is I don't know, and although getting up a little earlier can certainly make your day more productive, it is worthwhile to point out that the three names above are multi-millionaires and have a team (if not teams) of assistants to help them out with every mundane task that comes their way - us mere mortals aren't quite afforded such luxury.

Stress, Success and Beauty Sleep

The other aspect of what I call "power sleeping" such celebrities fail to mention is that for rest it really is a case of quality over quantity - think about it this way, a broken 2-hour nap spent cramped on a train isn't at all comparable to a peaceful stretch out on a comfortable bed with a mattress suited to your needs, and of course a pillow or two - I really like the brand Tempur.

Speaking of Tempur, did you know that they have worked alongside the Mental Health Foundation to produce a sleep guide, giving tips on sleep and how to get a good night’s sleep. These are available in Tempur stores and on the Tempur website and are also raising money for the Mental Health Foundation via ribbons which cost £2 each and again can be found in-store.

Sleep, stress and your mental well-being are very much connected and it is important to know where your personal boundary happens to lie. Yes, I personally function very well on around 6 hours of sleep but if at any point I found myself physically and mentally exhausted, I'd reevaluate  my situation - ditto if I found my patience snapping over meaningless issues. A good night of sleep should leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world, don't cut back on what you need for what are essentially bragging rights, that is when stress will dominate your life rather than motivate. The body, mind and skin require sleep to self-repair and in the case of skin re-generate new cells - yep moisturiser and caffeine drinks can only do so much.

If you are struggling to properly nod off at night, I suggest checking your mattress - with constant use they do need to be replaced every 5 years to prevent issues such as discomfort. I also like to replace my pillows fairly regularly for added comfort - you also can't beat a new, cosy pair of pjs and if all else fails, a quick mist of a sleep spray on your bedding.

This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Tempur, all thoughts are my own.