Gel manicures are one of the best advances in nail technology as far as I am concerned but not only are they costly and time consuming, there is also the damage element that you need to factor in - especially if like myself you chose to chip away at your manicure in front of the T.V, rather than professionally soak it off. Fear not, fellow manicured-but-pushed-for-time readers, there is a handful of new nail products targeted at such concerns and at our rescue.

3 New Nail Essentials for the Hasty

Elegant Touch Nail Saviour

Like many I rely upon Elegant Touch for most of my fast fashion nail needs (aka pretty but affordable press-on nails) but their latest launch, is what every false nail wearer walking God's green earth has been waiting for - especially habitual nail pickers (I see you!). Elegant Touch Nail Saviour is part genius, and in my opinion part necessity, for regular false nail wearers of any type; this moisture-rich, brush on treatment has been formulated to act as a shield against nail glue.

In a nutshell, one coat of Elegant Touch Nail Saviour (currently £7.46) creates a micro-mesh barrier between your natural nail and the glue needed to created ultra long talons to lessen damage, all the while strengthening the nails with a blend of calcium and Vitamin B. It's quick. it's easy and it actually works - my nails don't flake or peel when I use this and I very seldom remove any form of false nail in the recommended manner (aka I bite them off).

At the moment you can only grab a bottle of Nail Saviour with selected Elegant Touch Nails but as the bottle is fairly sizeable there is more than enough for several applications and if you are feeling particularly ballsy, maybe take your Nail Saviour to your next nail appointment?

Elegant Touch Soak 'Em Off

We've all been there, promising our ever trusting nail technician that this time around we will soak off our nails, and will indeed pop to the pharmacy for Acetone but inwardly you know damn well you won't do it. You ain't got the time. Well now you do and you can skip all the annoying extras like tinfoil, and of course the inevitable spillage of said bottle of Acetone, as Elegant Touch have come to our rescue with Elegant Touch Soak 'Em Off (£5.50)! These nifty wipes quickly and efficiently remove not only all forms of gel polish but also press on nail glue and typical nail polish too. The beauty of these wipes is that there is no mess and they are perfectly portable too.

Sally Hansen Gel Rehab

So one fateful night, you decided rather than carefully soak of your gel manicure, you'd bite and peel it off - hey we've all been there and lived with the regret the next day. Gently but swiftly eradicating the tell tell signs of gel nail damage is Sally Hansen Gel Rehab (£9.95). Think of Gel Rehab as an overnight mask for your nails: paint on two coats, pop to bed, rinse off and repeat for another two nights and your nails will be as good as new...well until you decide to hastily remove another gel manicure that is.

Now you can pick at your manicure without feeling too guilty.