Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters Review Swatch Swatches

It's now January so not only are we nursing a festive slump but tax season is right around the corner and of course there is a pile of bills jostling to be paid. As such we are all feeling the Winter pinch, although there is no season more perfect for adding a little additional sparkle to our make-up routine, a brand new highlighter is most likely the least of your priorties. Well what if I told you that just £6 would afford you a new and ultra versatile liquid highlighter? One that is available in no less than seven shades and is a serious contender in terms of duping more expensive products of a similar nature? Well this is exactly what the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter range offers and dare I say a little more too.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters Review Swatch Swatches

I've stated in the past that I am not entirely comfortable with how closely Makeup Revolution replicate other beauty products and brands; I understand that it is so the consumer instantly knows which product the brand have aimed to "dupe" but at the same time, I do feel they could offer their formulas in a less than obvious - and in some instances controversial - way. That being said I do truly appreciate that Makeup Revolution strive to deliver the latest (and often passing) beauty trends at prices most can afford.

As you may have guessed, the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters are an affordable alternative to the ever popular and fairly pricey Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops. Yes the packaging is almost identical but here is where I cut Makeup Revolution some slack, as truthfully the vast majority of liquid highlighters at the moment are presented in a similar manner: long/tall glass bottles, metallic labels, complete with pipette dispensers. If it ain't broke don't fix it - speaking of breakages, don't pack either variation of this highlighting product in amongst your smalls the next time you travel.The glass bottles don't always fare well and unless your idea of fun is picking glass shards out your underwear, it is best just to leave them at home.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters Review Swatch Swatches

It took me quite some time to come around to liquid highlighters; in the past, I believed them to be messy and honestly unnecessary but that couldn't be further from the truth. Yes typically speaking a liquid highlighter does take a little more time to apply and then set, which is not something you encounter with a powder product but once you see the *ahem* light, it is difficult to go back. The wonderful thing about a liquid highlighter is that it is so multi-functional, and as such can replace or boost several other items within your beauty stash. For instance, a few drops added to any other liquid product adds a pretty, yet subtle and radiant glow (I find under make-up they have a more subtle sheen rather than the intense metallic finish you will see below). Most - if lip and eye friendly - can also be used to create an on-trend foil lip and/or eye look, and of course they can be used all over the body for a head-to-glow. The world truly is your metallic and gleaming oyster.

With seven shades of  Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters to chose from there is not only something for every complexion but also preference: be it a fun, natural or an intense highlight, this collection has it all. As there is a few texture discrepancies and general wear notes, I've quickly broken each colourway within the  Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters down below:

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters Review Swatch Swatches
Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters Review Swatch Swatches

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Champagne - A light, cool toned, golden highlighter that is bold in colour pay off and offers a metallic finish. As beautiful as this shade may be, you do have to be careful not to overwork it into the skin as it can become very glittery once the initial pigment is buffed into the skin. This looks to be a good dupe in terms of overall colour for the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Sunlight.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Bronze Gold - Another light and golden, almost bronze toned highlighter that isn't worlds apart in finish nor texture from the above Champagne option; bronze gold is slightly warmer and rose in tone. What I will say about Bronze Gold is that it isn't as prone to wearing away to a glittery finish and as it is a smidgen deeper in tone, it will be less stark in colour when applied to deeper skin tones.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Luminous Gold - Again very similar to the Champagne shade, the main difference is that when applied to the skin this does have a more prominent gold tone and metallic finish. If a true gold liquid highlighter is what you crave this is a great option.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Lustre Gold - A warm, almost rose gold toned highlighter that is wonderfully pigmented and a dream to apply. This looks great on tanned to deep complexions in all manners, but may be better suited to lighter complexions when applied in lieu of blush or more creatively than your run of the mill highlighter. On the skin this glows beautifully and although slightly glitter based in finish, this element is muted once applied to the skin.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Rose Gold - One of, if not the deepest colour option within the line up, this luxurious true Rose Gold hued highlighter deposits both a glow and warming hint of a tint to the skin. In my experience, this shade translates to an almost liquid metal, high sheen finish that does not fade all day. As someone with a lighter complexion, I have been adding a drop or two of Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Rose Gold to my foundation to add a little warmth and seasonal glow to my winter beaten skin. This is also my pick to utilise as a body highlighter, a little does go a long way but added to the decolletage and legs, it creates a flattering, long wearing glow to the skin.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Unicorn Elixir - a very gritty, glitter laden, opalescent highlighter that has been created to give a multifaceted and fun, sheen to the skin - on my skin, it reflects mostly lilac. This dries down very crispy and is not entirely comfortable to wear but as it has most likely been intended for special occasions, I guess that is to be somewhat expected. I don't personally rate the finish, colour nor formulation but it is a fun addition to the range none the less.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter in Starlight - a cool toned, bright and bold silvered-pink shade that is not for the faint of heart. This is an intense pop of both colour and sheen, it looks spectacular on all skin tones and is very reminiscent of both Becca Opal and Cover FX Custom Highlighter Drops in Celestial.

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters Review Swatch Swatches

The main query I have seen in regards to the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters, is how do they compare to the product they have been marketed to rival -  Cover FX Custom Highlighter Drops? The answer is very close - the main difference in my experience is that the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters have a slightly more glittery base which becomes more evident throughout the course of wear; it seems that slowly but surely the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters pigment level drops as each hour passes and when it does, the applied product starts to become more and more sparkly. In comparison the Cover FX Custom Highlighter Drops are more metallic and longer wearing but other than that, I would say that the products and are very similar indeed. The average person will have no need for the entire  Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters collection but if you find a shade you enjoy, at just £6, it may be the best liquid highlighting product you purchase this year.

You can find all seven shades of the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighters via Superdrug for £6 - link.