A Face Powder For Every Skin Type, Concern and Tone

I am not loyal to any one face powder.
I will rest easy tonight knowing my not-so-secret confession is out in the open.

Setting powders are a fickle breed and sadly - or at least I am of the opinion of - there is no magical, suit-all-option; some powders marvel at diminishing fine lines, others are great for adding additional coverage and then of course, there is the ever needed and called upon powder for tackling the under-eye area but would I use just one for all of the above? In a word no. The category of face powder also becomes a little more tedious to navigate should you have dry skin, and/or fine lines and then there is of course the issue of ashen face powders, that can leave behind questionable trails. As I said I have don't have, nor know of a wonder powder but if you have a specific requirement in mind, I may just be able to help...

A Face Powder For Every Skin Type, Concern and Tone

For Extra Coverage, A Night Out and Above Average Oil Control

Let me preface this suggestion by stating that MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation isn't technically a setting powder, rather it is foundation in a powder form. As such the texture is a little heavier but on the plus side the shade range is phenomenal (over 50 options), as is the coverage - it is rumoured that it is what Kylie Jenner uses on occasion, how true that is, I do not know - and it can of course be used in place of any other base product should you wish. With MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation being a little more dense in texture, I do not recommend using this around the eye area as it will settle into even the smallest of lines, rather it is best used for when you want to look utterly flawless, need the extra coverage due to a breakout or simply find you are more oily than normal. This is my special occasion face powder, I dust it all over my face (skipping the eye area) when I have a long day ahead and know that I won't be able to combat my oily t-zone regularly, it also doesn't hurt that it photographs beautifully.

To Create an Airbrushed Finish and for Those Who Hate The Feel of Powder

It's no secret that I am huge Charlotte Tilbury fan; a few years ago, I foolish set out to collect all the lipstick shades (I have a problem) and skipped the skin basics, which truthfully is what the brand excels in - that's not to say the lipsticks aren't great because they are. There is no powder around that can rival the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in terms of texture and that is a concrete fact: it is lighter than air due to the soft focus micro powders. It effortlessly glides onto the skin creating a satin finish with next to no coverage, all the while optically blurring any fine lines and open pores - it truly is like stroking on an Instagram filter in real life. As this is such a delicate powder, it blends seamlessly so you never need to worry about any tell tale powder signs nor ashen skin. Every make-up bag needs a pan or two. Fun fact: I own all three shades of Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder  and use them to set, highlight and contour.

A Face Powder For Every Skin Type, Concern and Tone

The Suit Every Skin Tone Option That is Even Suitable for Dry Complexions

As a fair skinned person, I admittedly don't ever have to worry about finding a face powder to suit my skin tone (must be nice huh?) but I am fully aware that this is not the case for everyone. If you have a really light or deep complexion, I imagine it can be a struggle to find something suitable. If you are looking for something colourless - whatever the reason - I can not recommend the MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Microfinishing Pressed Powder enough. Much like the aforementioned Charlotte Tilbury powder this is finely milled so it has a barely-there texture, it will not sit on top of the skin, nor highlight any dry or problem areas, and as it is completely colourless, it is undetectable on every complexion. If that is not enough it gently mattifies the skin (as well as of course setting any liquid products in place), optically blurs (admittedly not as well as the Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder) and helps create a soft but radiant glow. MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Microfinishing Pressed Powder may just change how you feel about pressed powders.

To Brighten and Set the Skin

For those who find setting powders a hindrance due to their overly matte appearance and yet, feel they can not skip the step, Laura Geller Double Take Baked Versatile Powder Foundation is what you have been searching and hoping for. Yes, yet again this is a powder foundation but it has a slightly lighter texture than the MAC suggestion, and unlike any other powder on this list, it imparts a subtle glow that transforms even the dullest of complexions. Again, yes the Laura Geller Double Take Baked Versatile Powder Foundation can be used either damp or dry as a foundation but teamed with a large fluffy brush, this does a stellar job of setting any liquid products and gently reviving dull skin without a shimmer particle in sight.

A Face Powder For Every Skin Type, Concern and Tone

For Disguising Even the Darkest of Under Eye Circles

In the past, I'd use any old powder knocking around the bottom of my make-up bag, to set my under eye area. I would also grumble to anyone that would listen that nothing quite delivered the results. I needed nor desired. The demands should you be curious are: said powder must keep the under eye area crease free all day, it must brighten and it must be comfortable to wear (I have sensitive eyes) - if it does anything else that is mere bonus. By chance, I stumbled upon the Kat Von D 'Lock It' Brightening Loose Powder in Petal; the slightly salmon-pink tone of this powder, helps to work with my concealer of choice to counteract any blue tones of dark circles. This combined with the brightening pigments of the powder instantly perks up even the most tired of eyes. As the name suggests, the Kat Von D 'Lock It' Brightening Loose Powders have some serious lasting power and are not prone to creasing. If all else has failed you in the under eye area, this should be your next purchase.

Should I ever discover, the elusive, suit-all-and-do-all powder, I promise you will be the first to know.