5 Budget Body Moisturisers for the Cold Season

The leaves are turning brown, the days are getting colder, darker and shorter meaning a few things: it's time to layer up clothing, your heating bill will probably double in the next few weeks and of course, your skin is preparing to dry out. There's two things I am all but guaranteed each October: a new coat and patches of scaly skin all over my body. This year, I have vowed not to be lazy and as such have scoured around for the best body moisturisers  that won't break the bank. You and your silky soft skin can thank me later.

5 Budget Body Moisturisers for the Cold Season

For Quickness

Vaseline Spray Moisturiser £2.89 via Superdrug - link.

This is one of the best, quick, cheap body moisturisers around; not only can you find the Vaseline Spray Moisturisers in just about any body care aisle on the high street, but there is multitude of fragrances and varieties of this mist on body lotion to discover. Truthfully other than than the cocoa butter version - I'm slightly allergic - I will grab whatever scent is on offer and go on my merry way.

Admittedly this isn't the most intensive moisturiser on the block - nor this list for that matter - but it does quickly go to work, leaving skin feeling hydrated and with no greasy residue or tacky feeling. This is my choice for anyone in a rush and the one I recommend chucking in a bag - be that got travel or the gym.

For the Lazy 

Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle £8 via Boots - link.

If your idea of hell on earth is: stepping out of a warm shower, only to be greeted with a cold, sloppy body lotion, that takes forever and a day to dry, then Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle is what dreams are made of.

This luxuriously thick, body cream has been designed to work specifically with soaking wet skin. To apply you rub into fresh-just-out-the-shower limbs and then dry your body as normal. It truly couldn't be easier and despite being a thicker than average texture, it is not in the slightest greasy and generally a joy to use. The downside? There is literally no excuse to not moisturise.

5 Budget Body Moisturisers for the Cold Season

For When Life Gets in the Way

Nivea Express Hydration Deep Moisture Serum £6 via Wilko - link.

Every now and then life gets hectic and the last thing on your mind is moisturising your body - I get it. For those times, you want a hard working and yet comfortable body product. My personal favourite has to be Nivea Express Hydration Deep Moisture Serum.

As the name suggests this is a light, silky lotion that is quickly absorbed and yet quenches even the driest of skin types instantly and continuously for up to 48 hours after. This is also my recommendation if you don't happen to like overly scented body products.

5 Budget Body Moisturisers for the Cold Season

For a Little Daily Boost

Aveeno Daily Moisturiser Body Yogurts £4.33 - link.

If you are well versed and vigilant in applying body moisturiser daily, I can think of no better product both in scent and texture than the delicious range of Aveeno Daily Moisturiser Body Yogurts. There are two scents to choose from but I am very much smitten by that Apricot and Honey variety; soft, fruity, comforting, milk and in no way overwhelming, making it great for delicate noses and skin.
As this is a daily option, it is not the most intense body cream on the market but it does a great job of quickly cocooning,the skin, in a light veil of moisture and gentle fragrance. In a somewhat relevant note, the jar style of this tub is so much easier to grip with wet hands and the texture of the Aveeno Daily Moisturiser Body Yogurts, lend themselves well to doubling up as a cream too.

5 Budget Body Moisturisers for the Cold Season

For a Natural Approach

Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion £2.79 via Superdrug - link.

If you are trying to avoid ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, sulfates and dye, Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Body Lotion could be the one for you. The main base of this moisturiser is coconut oil, monoi oil and sweet almond oil so you know that it goes to work both efficiently and effectively - and of course it smells incredible. 

This is my go-to in the summer months as it soothes, deeply nourishes and of course, the coconut scent is perfect for the occasion. I often use this in place of an after-sun because really who has time or the space for two body products in their suitcase?

Sadly the "it's cold outside" excuse isn't quite going to wash this year when it comes to catering to your dry limbs.