How To Get a Free MAC Lipstick This Weekend

So National Lipstick Day is a thing, now before you cynically think this is a plot to get you to buy lipstick (and I'm not saying that it isn't in other instances) MAC might just have created the best beauty offer of 2017. To mark the day, MAC will be dishing out free lipsticks in every store and retailer throughout the whole of the U.S today (29th of July).

Now I know what you are thinking, what's the catch? Other than the usual "while stocks last" jargon, there doesn't seem to be one, and rather kindly (again stocks permitting and one per customer) you can select what shade you'd like from the MAC Lip Lip Lip Collection - which is pretty vast and varied.

As you can imagine, stores will undoubtedly be packed to the rafters with bargain hunters so you might want to set an alarm or two - that and maybe be prepared to visit a few stores to finally nab whatever shade you have your eye on.

For those that don't livw in the U.S, you can read about my current MAC must-have in this post.