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So in June I jet off to New York for three months, of course I am excited but with just over two months to go, I am feeling a little overwhelmed as there is a lot of pre-planning that needs to be done before I can as much as think about renewing my visa.

One of the lesser stressful tasks is sorting out my beauty stash - yes, yes I know there are an abundance of drugstores, Sephora's and other make-up troves at my disposal but weekly trips to such stores soon become pricey, especially if like myself you have very little self restraint. As such I have began squirreling away my essential beauty products - buying little and often - so that I have all I need for my trip and can focus on the more important things such as finally getting to grips with YouTube. Yes that is happening.

1, Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - Yes I do wear a lot of Bourjois Healthy Mix products in day to day life but I find Luminous Silk looks better on camera. As such I will be forking over the cash for two bottles to last me the duration of the trip, it may sound excessive but as I don't really wear concealer and this is a super comfortable formula, it is an expense I'm happy to cover.

2, Charlotte Tilbury Airbursh Flawless Finish Powder - I've said it before no pressed powder comes near to this: it is so finely milled that it feels lighter than air on the skin, it gently blurs imperfections and sets make-up beautifully. I am considering purchasing Fair (I wear Medium) to set my under eyes and Dark to use as a contour powder - we shall see as this powder does not come cheap.

3, Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Hot Emily  - There's no way I am going to purchase brand new lipsticks for going on a trip but as my birthday is next month, my brothers have very kindly offered to purchase me a few as a gift. Topping my shade wish list is Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Hot Emily - a bold, almost orange/red coral. I will of course be taking along my beloved Pillow Talk duo and Secret Salma - the two Charlotte Tilbury shades I could not be without.

4, Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette in Seductive Beauty - Another birthday gift is the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette in Seductive Beauty, I have the original Natural Look palette and use it all the time: it is quick, easy and full of really flattering and easy to use shades. The new offering is slightly more smoky so I figure it will come in handy for any nights out, as well as offering me a built-in contour kit and two peachy blushes to boot. I really hope Charlotte Tilbury launches more palettes like this, I'd be lost without mine.

5, Topshop Chameleon Highlighter in Tigers Eye - Easily one of, the best high intensity highlighters around. I'm not saying this is a dupe for Becca Opal because it is not but it offers the same, high-sheen glow and unlike the Becca highlighters this isn't as prone to shattering if you as much as look at it the wrong way, and of course it is a little more budget friendly. You need this.

6, Topshop Contour Wand in Angles - Remind me to do a Topshop essentials post in the near future because this is a make-up brand that does not get all the recognition it deserves. After much (and I do stress much) trial and error, I have come to the realisation that cream contour is what works best for me: it is easier to blend and generally looks a little more natural. The problem is most cream products are either greasy and/or orange toned. I kid you not when I say the best around at the moment is the Topshop Contour Wand in Angles - it is grey toned, matte and simply a dream to use and wear.

7, Make Up Geek Eyeshadows - I really want to take my custom made Make Up Geek Eyeshadow palette with me on my travels but I am a little concerned it may shatter in transit - any tips would be more than appreciated. If I do take it with me, I'll be adding the shades Pocket Change and Tan lines to it. If you want to see my large, warm palette, you can find it in this post.

8, Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tan - This is my favourite self tanner of all time, it is a serum-come-oil formula that is tinted so application is a complete breeze, it smells like coconuts from application to development stage and it leaves my skin, a natural golden bronze shade. There is nothing else like it and it pains me that it is becoming trickier and trickier to track this down - I kid you not when I say I'll be taking 6 bottles of this in my case. It really is that good.

9, Bare Minerals Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer - I tan very easily, it is annoying as I don't actually like a real tan due to the possibility of skin damage. I of course slap on a high factor SPF several times daily but none the less I am forever bound to a life of tan lines. This is where Bare Minerals Sheer Sun Serum Bronzer comes in, I use it to disguise tan lines, deepen my foundation and of course create a natural sunkissed look. As it is a serum, it is lightweight and great for non-make-up days too - a little goes a long, long way!

10, Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue - I rave about this all the time but truly it is one of the best base-come-primers-come-all-round-good-guys about. Yes it is tinted and yes it hydrates the skin and yet it is not a tinted moisturiser. You can wear it alone to even out the skin tone and generally perfect or of course under your chosen base for a seamless application with the added bonus of additional coverage. I need to pick up my summer shade asap as I will not be leaving home without a bottle - again a little does go a long way.

11, Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Lip Colours - By now you've most likely discovered that I am a Bare Minerals fan girl but the one product I love more than anything else is their new-ish liquid matte lip colours. The shades are perfectly curated so that there is a nude shade for every taste and complexion, the formula is soft, long wearing and beyond comfortable. I know this is a strong statement but in my opinion there is no better matte liquid lipstick around - for the record I wear Swag most days.

12, MAC Whirl Lip Liner - How many of these have I sharpened to a complete nub over the years? Goodness only knows. This is my go-to lip liner and lip colour whenever I am in doubt - it is nude yet not boring, the slightly mauve-y tone works well with my yellow undertones and weirdly makes my eyes seem bluer. I always pick up a new Whirl pencil whenever I am in duty free and this trip will be no different.

13, Pixi Sun Mist - In my opinion, this is the best thing since sliced bread. I apply SPF daily but once my make-up is on, I can not adhere to the re-application rule of every 2-3 hours. This is why Pixi Sun Mist is an absolute god send: it can be applied over make-up, is light, quick to absorb and non-greasy not to mention it does not alter the finish nor remove any make-up it is applied on top of. It offers a quick burst of refreshment along with a broad spectrum SPF. I am already a huge fan and will be packing no less than 6 bottles - excessive? Maybe but I don't take sun safety lightly.

14, Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil - The best blonde brow pencil I have ever found. The price does make me wince but the formula and shades are great. No complaints.

15, Blinc Mascara - I have super sensitive eyes that seems to be heightened with sun exposure, at home in dull Glasgow I can wear any mascara I wish within reason but in warmer, sunnier climes I experience problems - mainly eye watering. Last year by sheer accident (it was the only mascara I packed) I discovered that Blinc Mascara is so far the only one not to irritate my eyes in the warm weather. If you are prone to eyes that stream all day, you need this.

Like I said, I will be filming in NYC so you will see a lot of this in action and maybe, just maybe the contents of my suitcase ha!