Pixi Sun Mist SPF30 Review

We are all far more diligent with facial SPF than we used to be - we all know that to ward off the hands of time and of course to protect our skin from damage and potentially skin cancer that the SPF contained within our day-to-day products such as make-up and skincare simply doesn't cut it. Applying a high factor, daily and facial SPF before you've applied your make-up is the easy part but what about protection as the hours tick by and removing your make-up is not option - Pixi Sun Mist that's what. This newly launched SPF 30 spray will be all anyone uses and talks about this Summer, that you can count on.

Pixi Sun Mist SPF30 Review

The best way to describe the Pixi Sun Mist is multi-tasking: it offers instant (like any SPF it does require 15 minutes to fully kick into play) sun protection from all forms of UV rays including infrared rays, as well as quickly and efficiently refreshing the complexion (it contains bamboo and chamomile extract to soothe and soften too) - something we will all be grateful for come the balmy days of June and July.

A broad-spectrum facial SPF that is non-greasy, lightweight, comfortable and easy to apply is one thing and truthfully quite a rare occurrence but one that is effective applied on bare skin and over make-up is a rare treat indeed, and that alone is what makes the Pixi Sun Mist special. It feels all but weightless on the skin - regardless of how you apply it - does not clog the pores nor irritate eye the most sensitive eyes, making it suitable for all and if that doesn't sway you, it won't remove make-up when applied and certainly won't leave you feeling nor looking oily - something we can't say about all sunscreen products.

To apply you have two methods: one is to mist the Pixi Sun Mist directly onto the face (or anywhere else you would like to protect - it is great to apply to the hands after washing etc) and enjoy the benefit of a cooling, veil of SPF30 protection. The other option is to squirt the mist directly into the palms of the hands and then pat the product directly onto the face for precise and full protection.

Summer is a long and often hot season, not everyday can be a beach day and for those occasions when you want to wear make-up and yet not sacrifice nor skimp on UV protection (it is recommend that you re-apply your sunscreen every 2-3 hours) this is a very real, clever and affordable solution for every handbag, office drawer (for those lunches in the park) and car glove department.

Pixi Sun Mist: £18/80ml via M&S (the only place in which it currently isn't sold out) - link.