mothers day

I would say this is a last minute gift guide when really, I don't deem anything to be last minute unless bought on the day and even then, that's why shopping centres are open 7 days a week - basically organised is not my middle name but I am a great gift buyer if I do say so myself. If you are struggling with inspiration on what to get a loved one this coming Mothering Sunday, let me lend you a helping hand - especially if she happens to love beauty products.

1, Zoeva Brushes - truthfully it doesn't matter what kit you decide on, they are all great, well made and dare I say utterly beautiful brushes. My top tip would be to have a look at your loved ones beauty stash and see what products they use the most (and/or which make-up brushes need replacing) and base your choice off of that. A great all round kit is the Zoeva Rose Golden Volume 2 set - it contains an array of both eye, lip, face and cheek brushes so there is something for every product and need. You can find it here - link.

2, Zoeva Rose Golden Palette - settling on an eyeshadow for myself let alone anyone else takes a lot of consideration and deliberation but one that I feel is as close to suit-all as we will ever achieve is the Zoeva Rose Golden Palette. Much like all products within this brands empire, it is beautifully packaged (it reminds me of a box of chocolates) and the quality is high: inside you will find 10 neutral eyeshadows ranging in tone, texture and finish. It is one of the most versatile palettes I own and I really appreciate that it contains both warm and cool shades, along with matte and shimmer finishes. This is the gift that keeps on giving. Find it here - link.

3, Too Faced Sweet Peach Lip Oils - think of this as the best multi-purpose lip product around: it offers a hint of colour, a glossy finish and an abundance of moisture, complete with a peachy feel good fragrance. Every coat pocket needs one and it is all my Mum can currently rave about to all that will listen. You can view the entire shade range here - link.

4, - Fragrance is subjective and for that reason I have included no less than three of my current favourite scents that are fairly unknown but if in doubt, have a sneaky peek at your loved ones fragrance stash and replace the bottle that seems the most well loved!

Gucci Bamboo Limited Edition Eau de Parfum - soft, floral but clean, a great everyday scent and my choice for anyone who doesn't like to wear anything too overpowering. You can find it here - link.

Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina In Fiore Eau De Toilette - Not a fragrance brand that everyone is aware of but if beautifully romantic and often floral scents are what you seek, then you can't go wrong with Salvatore Ferragamo scents. My personal favourite has to be Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina In Fiore: fresh, fruity, delicate and of course a little floral. You can shop the entire collection here - link.

Lola James Harper fragrance - You may not have heard of Lola James Harper fragrance just yet but trust me, big things are predicted for this slightly niche yet delightful brands. Think quirky, well thought out yet delightful scents and you won't go wrong. I really would be hard pushed to narrow down my favourite fragrance be it a candle or ready to wear scent (okay...okay I think The Comics Store of George is perfection), whatever you choose I can guarantee it will be forever remembered. You can find the vast range of scents here - link.

Jo Malone Candle - again I don't want to dictate what fragrance you should purchase but I've yet to meet anyone who has ever been disappointed in receiving a beautiful box from Jo Malone - more so when it contains the perfect pampering treat that is a scented candle. My dream is to one day own the Jo Malone Deluxe Candle (yes the huge one with three wicks) in Peony Blush Suede - a girl can but dream. Until then you can find the more affordable but luxury Jo Malone candles here - link

Guerlain Météorites Pearls - I see gift giving as the perfect excuse to treat a loved one to the luxurious products they wouldn't purchase for themselves and what could be more luxurious than the Guerlain Météorites Pearls? Pretty, practical and let's face it they are on everyone's wish list - and dressing table - for a reason. Find them here - link.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette  - No face palette compares, trust me on this one. The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette kits contain all you need to create a glowing, fresh complexion and truthfully they couldn't be easier to use or transport around - I'd be lost without mine. See both shade options here - link.

YSL Lipsticks - You know that your loved one adores wearing red/coral/pink/nude/delete as appropriate lipstick shades but you also know that they have yet to try the luxurious world of YSL lipsticks. Why not find them a new staple shade, complete with the most intricate and gilded outer packaging your eyes ever did see? I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a shade for everyone and that I don't secretly collect YSL Rouge Volumpte lipsticks - can you blame me? Find your perfect match here - link.

If all else fails can you ever go too wrong with a pair of pyjamas and a box of chocolates? I think not.