dont need

If any phrase could sum up my beauty shopping habits, it would be "I don't need but I want it". I'm sure many can relate, do you really, really need another nude lipstick to add to your already groaning collection? Probably not but will that stop you from purchasing it? Most definitely not. Slowly but surely, I am reigning in my reckless spending habits (more about that in a future post) but until then can we just as a collective swoon at the pretties above, and maybe, just maybe let it slide if I purchase a few things?

1, If I was to remain truly loyal to only one beauty brand for the rest of my days (I can't and I won't because life is too short), it probably would be to Charlotte Tilbury. I say it all the time but it is absolutely true that I have yet to stumble - or y'know hand over cash for - a product by such make-up maestro that I do not love. I've had a few sachets of Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer in various past make-up orders but have yet to take the plunge. Now that Spring and hopefully Summer aren't too far off, I feel it is time to switch to sheerer, more dewy finished bases and no primer I currently own can quite offer the result nor grip I currently crave. The great thing about Wonderglow is that it can double up as a subtle, liquid highlighter, meaning more room in my travel make-up bag for several variations of the same shade of nude lipstick. Leopards. Spots. You know where I'm going here. Find it here - link.

2, I think I've mentioned that I like the idea of Charlotte Tilbury Valentine Lipstick but worry that on my complexion it may look a smidgen pale? Each time I have went to purchase it, I add a completely different shade of lipstick to my basket in it's place - I guess unlike the rest, this is an online exclusive meaning I can't just pop along to my local counter and see it in person. Well good things come to those who wait...or y'know goad their friends into lipstick purchases. I have now seen Charlotte Tilbury Valentine in person and can cement that yes it is a light, nude based pink but it is in no way unflattering nor overly pink - anything too pink and my teeth look bright yellow. Lovely. Anyway once April rolls around, a rose gold adorned tube of this will be mine. Find it here - link.

3, Real talk - I want an Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo and honestly I don't care which one. Think of these as the most luxurious lip balm you own, coupled with a high dose of colour pigment. You really can't go wrong and I do think they will be a huge hit come the warmer months. Find it here - link.

4, The time has come for me to add a Byredo fragrance to my collection and after much deliberation and various trips to my local Space.NK counter, I have decided that Byredo 1996 Eau de Parfum is the one for me. It is soft, smoky and very sensual with bold notes of Leather, Black Pepper and Patchouli - the only thing stopping me - well price aside that is - is that 1996 is the year that my sister was born and I was thinking it might be more fitting, if I bought this for her, come her milestone birthday this year? Find it here - link.

5, Are you a fan of Becca Shimmer Skin Perfectors? Most likely a silly question but have you seen the newest launch - Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Prismatic Amethyst? It is pretty much what dreams are made of: soft, icy, pearlescent and a little different from the norm. I'm just not sure if I would use this nearly as much as I'd like to think I would - I mean a lilac highlighter is less than subtle after all? Find it here - link.

6, I have the candle. I love the candle. I have now burn said candle into a stubby, waxy disc and know there is no coming back. I don't care if every second person in New York does wear Le Labo Santal 26 Eau de Parfum, I want to be engulfed in the soft, buttery suede like notes once again. Find it here - link.

So tell me, what makes your "I don't need it but I want it" list?