The Weird Beauty Questions I Need Answered

Have you ever found yourself unable to sleep and pondering the most bizarre questions? Queries that even Google can not quite answer (my search history is the thing of nightmares), or perhaps you have pondered the reasoning behind some well meant but scant of any logic, beauty advice? Well today I am thinking out loud and invite you to join me in querying some of the most bizarre grooming tips and questions my mind could muster up in the depths of the night.

1, Does a damp beauty blender remove or reduce the SPF (both as a standalone product or within a product). For a moment let us forget about waterproof facial SPF as that is a whole different ball routine but what about traditional SPF, does a damp beauty blender remove such protection? Every bottle of sunscreen I own, advises that I reapply my SPF after contact with water but does that include a damp sponge? Logic tells me that it most likely doesn't remove all traces of sun protection as the water retention is so low but I worry none the less, much like I sweat all the small things in my life.

2, Why do people often advise that if you want to grow your hair you should cut it? All throughout my childhood and early adolescence (I can write that now I'm in my twenties right?) I've heard from many well meaning adults that to boost hair growth, I should cut it. Why? This literally makes no sense, now correct me if I am wrong but hair grows at the root, therefore cutting it - at trim or otherwise - is not going to encourage it to grow any quicker. I will however agree that trimming the hair will vastly improve the condition of the hair (goodbye split ends and damage) but as for length surely it is counterproductive?

The Weird Beauty Questions I Need Answered

3, What really is the deal with eyebrow plucking? Some say over plucking results in sparse brows and yet others have experienced no such issue. If I epilate my legs which essentially is mechanically plucking hair from the root I can all but guarantee that such area will never be sparse, yes the hair growth is vastly reduced but unless I plump for laser hair removal, I will always have to de-fuzz my limbs - so what really is the deal with plucking eyebrow hairs?

4, Is my computer, phone and iPad slowly but surely ageing my skin with each un-replied text and Netflix binge? In my opinion 2016 will go down in the beauty history book as the year we all became a little too dependant on internet scare stories: from my hair tie is trying to kill me (Google it, I promise it is the premise for several articles) to you've been applying all your cosmetics wrong and most likely damaging your skin in the process (again hit up Google), but the one stark skincare warning that resonates a little too deeply is the light omitting from all our technology. We all know UV rays are harmful to the skin and as such we wear SPF and yet when lying in bed at night, wishing that I too was a Gilmore Girl I do not account for the light omitting from my screens. Am I foolish in assuming that all our gadgets (lolz I really am becoming my mother) will undergo various tests to ensure the are entirely safe for use - or will this become our generations cigarette (aka once seen safe if not actively encouraged.

The Weird Beauty Questions I Need Answered

5, Dry shampoo hair loss, is this really a thing? The internet swears blindly that it is, that the chemical composition of such flat hair saviour is clogging hair follicles and blocking future hair growth from happening and yet I've never heard anyone in everyday life complaining of such issue. Really all I want to know is do I have to go back to flat, freshly washed hair more frequently to safe guard the future of my tresses or can I go back to skipping the odd hair wash session?

Feel free to shed some light and/or experiences in regards to my five brain teasers or if you are willing to play Devil's advocate, add some other tales of legend, myth or straight up puzzlement into the mix.