5 Make-up and Beauty Predictions for 2017

Do you ever get together with a few of your close friends and just put the world to rights? Add a bottle of wine, a few make-up bags and you have last Friday. The most amusing dynamic of my friendship circle is that most assume that because I somewhat work in the field of beauty, that I must be able to forecast what the biggest and best beauty products of 2017 will happen to be. Yes and no, the beauty world not only moves quickly but is terribly fickle too - do you remember when every brand and their mother, rushed to create magnetic nail polish, only for the trend to pass as quickly as it arrived? If I was to predict a few trends or movements, it would be the following:

1, Matte liquid lipstick is going nowhere - Back in 2015 it was all about lip liner (in no small part due to Kylie Jenner's then yet to be confirmed lip fillers and media attention), the deeper the nude the better. Kylie Jenner stated she used MAC Whirl or MAC Soar lip liner to define her pout and the internet all but exploded as did MAC sales nationwide. As we eased into 2016 it become evident that we were ditching lip pencils in place of matte liquid lipsticks. At this moment in time, I am hard pushed to think of a key beauty player who doesn't offer such lipstick formulation - this is bandwagon that even the budget beauty brands have jumped aboard and to their credit, mostly executed well. I'm not sure if we will finally step away from the grungy, deeper, 90's nudes in favour of a more natural hue or not but I don't think 2017 will be the death of the matte liquid lip product; if anything I expect to see more innovation (kudos to Giorgio Armani for their new lip inks) and more comfortable formulations being of the utmost of importance.

2, The end of the rip-off dupes - I think we are nearing the end of outright copycat products, those items that have been solely created to rip-off pricier brands. The truth is we all love a dupe but I think the beauty world is growing tired of the lack of innovation from brands of this nature. There is a massive demand for cut price cosmetics (who doesn't love to save money) but I believe that in the next year or so, we will turn our back on brands that offer nothing new and whose sole aim is to quickly and all but exactly copy new and high end launches. In a way it could be exciting as it will essentially force such companies to dig deeper for new ideas and could potentially change the landscape of the budget beauty sector forever.

5 Make-up and Beauty Predictions for 2017

3, Beauty boxes will need to step up their game - I hate to say it but I think the average consumer is over the humble beauty box, it has all become very stale and dare I say it same-y. I currently subscribe to three beauty boxes and truthfully it is difficult to tell them apart based on contents. They no longer feel exciting and if I am entirely honest I do think the standard of product samples in each subscription has vastly went downhill. The general consensus is that unless the quality and thought behind each box improves, that come the end of 2017 this will be a beauty concept that will be a thing of the past.

4, Cruelty free will be the way forward - A touchy subject I know as truthfully most of us (myself included) aren't as clued up as we'd like to be about cosmetic testing. I have however noticed that there is a surge of beauty bloggers and lovers alike shunning any brand that is not cruelty free, resulting in pressure for animal testing to be a thing of the past.

5 Make-up and Beauty Predictions for 2017

5, Subtle and light - YouTube is a great way to gauge the most current beauty trends and attitudes towards make-up, yes I do believe that a heavier, almost theatrical approach to make-up will continue to flood Instagram (which I do enjoy looking at) but for most part and for typical daily wear, I believe 2017 will be the year of light bases and subtle highlighting and contouring. Highlighting will be going nowhere but instead of gold/champagne hues of radiance inducing powder, I would suggest you keep your eyes peeled for more pastel tones (the new MAC Extra Dimension Skin Finishes are the perfect example of this).

What are your thoughts or hopes for that matter?
What would you like to see us move away from and embrace a little more?