Replica by Maison Margeila Tea Escape Eau de Toilette

If I was to jot down all of my personal beauty discoveries of 2016 (which I undoubtedly will in the coming months), topping the list would be sheet masks, quickly followed by the Replica by Maison Margiela range. I may currently only own two bottles: Jazz Club and my new aquistion n Tea Escape but rest assure I have spent longer on counter deliberating which scent will join my collection next, than some take to pick out a wedding dress...or so I've been told anyway.

The power of fragrance is all too real - it can invoke powerful memories and feeling with one quick mist and that is exactly what the Replica by Maison Margiela fragrance collection aims to do. Each scent has been carefully blended to replicate a moment in time: from smoky jazz clubs, to a roaring fire on a cold winters evening, or perhaps the sweet aroma of an evening at the fun fair, a serene walk on the beach and even the all too familiar fragrance of cosmetics. The idea in theory may seem a little gimmicky but in reality it works so well, it taps into all those often forgotten but cherished memories and via the medium of personal fragrance allows them to all come flooding back - it truly is charming and dare I say it beyond clever.

Replica by Maison Margeila Tea Escape Eau de Toilette

Yes each Maison Margeila Replica Eau de Toilette has been blended with a scenario and moment in time in mind but that's not to say that they can't be enjoyed or worn, in the same way you would with any other mist on scent. In my opinion, the perfect example of just that is Replica Tea Escape by Maison Margiela - a soft, citrus and of course tea laced scent that is inspired by Tokyo. Despite my best efforts, I have yet to visit Japan and perhaps even more bizarrely, I don't drink tea and yet, I can't get enough of Replica Tea Escape.

The gentle fruity note of Bergamont, beautifully complimented by Green Tea, Sambac Jasmine and oddly Crisped Rice, creates a delicate uplifting wisp of fragrance. This is the scent I head for when I want something close and comforting to my skin, something that only I, or those I allow up-close and personal to experience; this isn't fragrance for the masses or the scent that will overpower a room, and yet those who are special enough to detect this on the skin will forever recall the green and ever so slightly floral tones of Tea Escape. Despite never walking down the aisle (nor do I have any immediate plans to, if ever) I can't help but feel Replica by Maison Margeila Tea Escape Eau de Toilette, would be the perfect bridal choice: it's soft, feminine, romantic, clean and ever so slightly different from the norm. However or whenever you wear it, Tea Escape is not a fragrance you will forget in a hurry.

Try it (or any of the other Replica fragrances) and tell me you're not charmed.

Replica by Maison Margeila Tea Escape Eau de Toilette £85 via Octer - link.