Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Nicki Minaj Trini Girl Eau de Parfum Review

Nicki Minaj Trini Girl Eau de Parfum Review

Celebrity fragrance launches aren't typically welcomed with open arms once you are over the age of 12 and it is not without good reason; in the past (and maybe even present), it all but felt that a celebrity fragrance launch were a quick was for said star to make a quick buck or two, with the physical scent being an afterthought. Luckily not all celebrity based launches are equal, and if you approach said fragrance genre with an open mind, you might find the odd hidden gem. If you were to tell me that I'd be spending most of my October wearing Nicki Minaj's latest release, a few weeks ago I'd have all but laughed in your face but there is something enticing about her latest uplifting and altogether fruity concoction - if you can look past the bottle, I dare you to try out Nicki Minaj Trini Girl Eau de Parfum for yourself.

Nicki Minaj Trini Girl Eau de Parfum Review

Oh the bottle, how I hate it - I mean if you can convince a perfume house to allow you to create a mini plastic version of yourself, then more power to you but oh my gosh is it tacky. I really don't want to be such a snob but this is not a bottle of fragrance that I display with pride, nor is the bulky design ideal for travel but hey it is what inside that counts isn't it? And luckily this is a fragrance that more than delivers.

Nicki Minaj Trini Girl Eau de Parfum Review

Nicki Minaj Trini Girl Eau de Parfum draws inspiration from Trinidad and in general, warm weather and tropical getaways, all of which is reflected within the note composition. If you enjoy, juicy, coconut tinged fruity floral scents (think Estee Lauder Bronze Goodess, Escada fragrances et al) this is one I think you will find all but irresistible.

Best described as a tropical explosion, Trini Girl features bright, bold and sugary notes of lychee, blood orange, sorbet and quince; this is coupled with softer notes, and altogether airy notes of apple blossom, chaconia accord and dewy leaves. At the base to ensure this is long wearing and of course ever so tropical white musk (far more modern than straight up musk) is coupled with delectable coconut cream.

Nicki Minaj Trini Girl Eau de Parfum Review

If you are all but over typical and dare I say heavy Autumn fragrances, please stop by Superdrug and test Nicki Minaj Trini Girl Eau de Parfum out for yourself, I think you will be pleasantly surprised. If any fragrance can cheer up the most gloomiest of rain soaked days it is Trini Girl, think of it as your very own little tropical oasis but in perfume form. I - and weirdly strangers on public transport - can't get enough of this scent.

Nicki Minaj Trini Girl Eau de Parfum £40/100ml via Superdrug - link.

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