Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bring the Seaside Home with You

The Body Shop Atlantic Seaweed Collection

In my opinion there are two types of beach experiences: hot, balmy and somewhat tropical - surrounded by crystal clear seas and the beaming sun; or there's the cold, crisp air of perhaps the rugged coastal sea side, complete with pebbles, grey skies and a distinct smell of seaweed. The latter is nostalgic to myself and I'm guessing many other Brits too? As much as I enjoy warm sand between my toes, there will always be a special place in my heart for crisp walks along the slippery stones of a Scottish beach, and the reward of warm fish and chips afterwards. For those who share such chilly memories, there is a new collection from The Body Shop that manages to beautifully encapsulate such moments using the power of fragrance - The Body Shop Atlantic Seaweed Collection. Now you can bring the outdoors, inside, and of course treat your skin and senses in the process.

The Body Shop Atlantic Seaweed Collection

Admittedly The Body Shop is not a brand I instantly associate with candles (or home fragrance in general) but it is something said company does rather well - I mean a quick sniff of any of their now iconic Body Butters and you will surely know that scent is something The Body Shop take very seriously.

With Autumn fully in swing you may be coveting the perfect fragrance to both curl up with and of course delicately accent your home, now I know 'tis the season of pumpkin spice and generally all things Harvest focused but what about those who have no such savoury craving? The Body Shop Mediterranean Sea Salt Candle is the answer: forget the term a Mediterranean, this won't have you dreaming of olives and a short haul flight to the sun soaked beaches of Europe, rather it beautifully captures the scent of rain, the crisp air of Autumn evenings and of course the rugged beaches I mentioned previously. Weirdly when burning The Body Shop Mediterranean Sea Salt Candle I can't help but think of Lighthouses, crashing waves and generally the colder season by the tea - perfect for curling up with in the evening, fire blazing and soup firmly in hand. If ever there was a realistic British sea scented product, this is it.

The Body Shop Atlantic Seaweed Collection
The Body Shop Atlantic Seaweed Collection

Now you have your home beautifully fragranced, what about your skin? Yes The Body Shop Atlantic Seaweed Cream has a slightly more prominent whiff of seaweed about it, but make no mistake it too will take you back to the cold seaside we are all ever so found of.

As the temperatures drop and you find yourself covered in more and more layers of clothing, you may find along the way your skin becomes parched. The predicament here is when it is chilly, the last thing I want to do after a shower is hang around and wait for a body moisturiser to fully absorb - no thank you. Luckily The Body Shop Atlantic Seaweed Cream boasts not only an ultra light and quick to sink in, gel texture but also features a high potency of natural seaweed to deeply penetrate the skin for soft, supple and revitalised legs, arms and all else that is in-between. Forget sticky, heavy body creams this Autumn/Winter and place your trust in a gel formulation - your skin will thank you for it, as will you for the lack of goose-pimples.

What non-pumpkin spice based fragrances do you associate with the cooler seasons?

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