New Candle Belle Fragrances

One thing I'm constantly asked to feature is affordable but great quality candles, which truthfully sometimes is easier said than done. With darker evenings on the horizon, a candle or two suddenly seems like a good idea but my gosh can some be pricy and if like myself you prefer soy based home scents, your choices become slightly more limited - especially if on a budget. If all of the above rings true, I have two words for you - Candle Belle; affordable, well made and beautifully scented, all with soya bases and as luck would have it, the British brand have just launched some wonderful new fragrances too.

New Candle Belle Fragrances

Do candles need to be expensive? The short of it is no, Candle Belle offer three of their large two wick candles for £25 (£8.30 per candle or £12 each if bought individually) and allow you to mix and match scents in the process too. If wax tarts are more your thing or you want to try a few scents before committing to a large candle, the Candle Belle Mega Melts (a wax tart that is around three times the size of a typical tartelette) are just £2 each. For those slightly more committed to home fragrance Candle Belle also offer a monthly subscription box in the form of #MegaMeltBox - 9 full sized Mega Melts delivered directly to your door, once a month for just £11!

New Candle Belle Fragrances

If you are already familiar with Candle Belle and perhaps hanker for a new scent or two, you couldn't have picked a better time to place your order, with no less than four luxe deco scents and eight other fragrances to choose from. Obviously I don't own all of the new additions but I can comment on the five that I was kindly gifted:

New Candle Belle Fragrances

Candle Belle Comforbubble - A soft, bubblegum-come-soapy scent that is lightly tinged with comforting berry notes. A great everyday scent to burn whilst working or one that I imagine would team well with a soak in a bubble bath and a good magazine.

Candle Belle Mandarin Lime Basil - Fruity yet herbal but oddly not overwhelming, if you are a fan of the original Jo Malone fragrance of a similar name, you'll love this.

Candle Belle Mister Rule - Do you recall the Lush Master Rule bath bomb? It was one of my favourites. Well this fragrance borrows similar notes (Patchouli, black and red pepper and sweet vanilla) to create an almost smoky yet seductive scent. I can't think of a more perfect option for burning this coming Halloween.

Candle Belle Slush Fairy - Another soft, bubblegum based scent but this time around the overall fragrance is fruiter and very reminiscent of Lush Snow Fairy shower gel - a must if like me, you eagerly await the launch of such shower product each year.

Candle Belle Vanillahry - It goes without saying that this is of course a vanilla based fragrance but instead of being milky and bland, this is rich, ever so slightly floral thanks to a hint of Sandalwood and very much Carmel based. If you long for a strong, realistic vanilla home scent, look no further.

Now all you have do is decide what scents to add to your basket.

You can shop the entire Candle Belle range here.