Scents You Love But Wouldn't Wear

Admittedly a weird post, even for me but hear me out...

Last night I was testing a new night cream - a banana scented product no less - and got to thinking, there are fragrances I truly love but would never in a million years, choose them to wear as a perfume. Banana included.

Weirdly banana fragranced products are a particular downfall of mine: The Body Shop Banana Shampoo, Lanolips Banana Balm and pretty much anything that Tony Moly launch with such scent oil - I often find myself searching the internet for a fruity, yellow hand sanitizer at times too. What makes my obsession extra bizarre is the fact I loathe and I mean loathe, bananas as a food. The same rule - so to speak - applies for marshmallows; I hate the taste and texture but delicately scent a beauty product with such sugary note, and watch me hand over my bank card with zero hesitation.

To a degree the same can be applied to fire smoke and general smoky fragrances; as a candle, I can't get enough but it's not a top note I find myself seeking out, when looking for a new bottle of perfume. I mean why bother, when I can come home all but reeking of smoke after a quick stroll around the city center. I'm of course jesting to a degree but I think we can all agree that smoke isn't exactly the most appealing of scents, unless deep, woody and beautifully presented in candle form.

Speaking of candles - and with Autumn around the corner too - there is of course the onslaught of Pumpkin scented products to look forward to, and that I do. From Pumpkin soap, body lotion, candles and hand wash I have it all, ready to go at the first sign of the leaves falling and turning brown. Yet in my mind there is no appeal to a Pumpkin based ready-to-wear fragrance, as a matter of a fact I can think of few things less appealing than the spiced, Autumnal notes of Pumpkin lingering on my clothes.

The more I think about it, the more I realise, if I eat it, I don't want to wear it as a perfume. Simple.

What about you? What scents do you enjoy inhaling but wouldn't typically look for within a body mist or fragrance?