Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Original Source Shower Milks

Original Source Shower Milks

First all our fruity bathing needs were satisfied by the entirely affordable - and dare I say delectable - scents of Original Source Shower Gels, but if you do find yourself craving a more moisturising and altogether creamy aroma, perhaps the new Original Source Shower Milks are just what you have been waiting for.

Original Source Shower Milks

Four new, fruit based scents that are coupled with various forms of skin soothing milk additions: almond, bamboo, coconut and vanilla to be exact - the latter I'm not entirely sure what it entails but it does smell delicious. Yes there is more to a body product than a great scent but let's face it, this very element is what initially reels us and who doesn't want to smell wonderful? Exactly.

Original Source Shower Milks

My personal favourite of the new line up has to be Original Source Green Banana and Bamboo Milk Shower Milk - a somewhat surprise as I typically hate Bananas but this soft, milky, mellow scent is ideal for a quick morning shower. As you can imagine the Lime and Coconut blend is as lovely as it sounds - almost dessert like but not at all sickly sweet; if more intense scents are more your calling, Cherry and Almond Milk is surprisingly sharp but enjoyable, and there is of course the crisp Sweet Apple and Vanilla Milk that will satisfy the sweetest tooth.

Original Source Shower Milks

Milky-come-fruity notes aside the formula of the Original Source Shower Milks is not to be ignored; the gentle, moisturising yet deeply cleansing gel (sorry milk!), quickly but effectively cleanses the body without drying out nor will they irritate the skin. Admittedly, when compared to the Original Source Shower Gel range, the shower milks do foam slightly less which I don't personally deem to be problematic but you may just find you use more product that usual; and perhaps skip using the shower milk as a bubble bath substitute - we've all been there.

Original Source Shower Milks

Basically if you have a shiny pound coin, a space within your bathroom shelve and a need for a new showering product, treat yourself to one or more of the new Original Source Shower Milks.

You can find all four Original Source Shower Milks from Boots - link.

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