nyc 2

For my Mother's upcoming birthday, myself and sisters are taking her to New York in November for a week of shopping, sight seeing and of course good eating - don't worry she knows about it, it was kinda her idea ha! I wish I was kidding but she only really wants to go and see the Islanders in the flesh (an Ice Hockey team).

After spending a month in the city that never sleeps, I somewhat know what I want to purchase when I go again later in the year - you wouldn't be wrong if you guessed it to be the things I couldn't quite justify or fit in my case the first time around.

As a side note, I am working on a few NYC beauty posts but rather annoyingly my lack of camera is holding me back - hopefully I will be able to share a few hauls and what-not come Monday!

1, Whilst in New York I finally got to experience Le Labo and was pretty much smitten from the moment I stepped into the store and inhaled deeply. Everything about the Le Labo aesthetic appeals to me - simple, fuss-free packaging that will age well, coupled with straight forward but addictive fragrances. In July, after testing every scent in the store and then backtracking, I went home with a large Le Labo Cedar candle; admittedly it was pricey but as I had it personalized (more in an upcoming post) it is something I will forever treasure. Next time I visit, I want a Santal candle and maybe, just maybe, a bottle of fragrance too.

2, To watch me spend, would be to assume I have a healthy bank account and not money locked up in expensive colognes. Wrong. I am broke and reckless, a mess by any other description but man, do I smell good. Such attention to products I don't really need, led me to the Bond No.9 store in the village. If New York and niche fragrance are your thing, save up and go - it is quite the experience. Not only is the store beautiful but the vast majority of their fragrances are based on locations within New York. In the end, after much testing and deliberation I walked away with a bottle of Bond No.9 Brooklyn Eau de Parfum which suits me to the ground. However I have been thinking about my second choice and all time favourite New York location - Little Italy. Bond No.9 Little Italy Eau de Parfum is bright, bold and fruity - all the things I am not, dressed in an orange bottle. I mean would anyone judge me if I treated myself come November?

3, Rather annoyingly I didn't have time to hit up duty free on the flight home so I missed out on $6 eyeshadows. Next time I'll spend less time in Shake Shack and more time creating my dream, custom MAC palette. Heck I might even treat myself to MAC Soft and Gentle MSF too.

4, Can you tell I love fragrance? One day I may film a fragrance collection and let you witness me stumble through my words and justify seven bottles of vanilla based scents. Until then I'll allow you in on my current fragrance crush - Replica by Masion Margiela. Forget single notes, this array of mist on scents embodies memories, emotions and past times. I visited Sephora with an open mind, and was knocked for six by Replica Jazz Club Eau de Toilette. The other scent that left me weak in the knees but in the end I deemed it a little seasonally inappropriate - Replica By the Fireside Eau de Toilette, come the colder seasons I think this may be a purchase I can justify?

5, Due to bank card woes, I didn't get to place a Glossier order - next time, I'll call my bank beforehand, haul some beautifully presented and hopefully effective products. I'm open to any suggestions of must-haves and perhaps more importantly what to skip?

6, I'm not sure many will appreciate me saying so, but my gosh was I underwhelmed by Ricky's (the beauty store). I tracked down the biggest location (and then followed up with a few smaller stores) and generally didn't understand the fuss. Sure it is wonderful if looking for hair products but the beauty selection is pretty scarce in my opinion. I was told Ricky's is the place to go for Morphe products - unfortunately it seems like the whole of NYC visited before me and as such there was not a palette to be found anywhere. This time around I'm going to place an order and score the Morphe palette of my dreams...what palette that happens to be remains undecided but know that I will purchase at least one.

7, My bank card dilemma is also why I didn't manage to purchase a few more Ofra Liquid Lipsticks. Like I said, next time I will be more prepared...I hope.

I suppose I best start saving now huh?