Contribute to The Sunday Girl

First and foremost, thank you so much to every single person that took the time to email me; I have been overwhelmed by the volume and talent of applications - and that is just the emails that I have opened thus far.

I truly was not expecting so many applicants and combined with a shaky internet connection, I have not been able to respond to everyone as of yet. Much like I promised I will be replying to every single application but will ask you to sit tight if you have not received a response or follow up email - it's coming.

As such not only am I requesting (pretty please) that you give me another few days to wade through the emails but that all applications or notes of general interest for any of the roles (find them here) land in my inbox ( by no later than the 19th of August.

Thanks again for your patience and I look forwarding to connecting with some new and familiar names.