5 Years of Blogging Giveaway

Hello! I'm currently a little jet lagged and trying my best to get back into the swing of things while contending with a new time zone - hopefully by the end of this month I'll be a pro. Until then, let's celebrate a milestone shall we?

It's been five whole years since I began logging into blogger on an almost daily basis and I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that one little, in the moment decision has changed my life quite so dramatically and for the better too. I am so grateful for every comment, every like and every interaction and can't quite wrap my head around how many people read my ramblings frequently - thank you.

To show my gratitude I have teamed up with Sleek Make Up to giveaway five eyeshadow palettes, to one lucky winner - the shades will be random but the winner will not receive any duplicate palettes - a great way to spruce up or boost your palette collection. If you have yet to try Sleek Make Up this is the perfect opportunity to try your luck.

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below with your email address and a winner will be picked at random on the 7/08/16 - this is an international giveaway meaning it is open to all but if under 16 please obtain your parents permission before participating. I do ask that you DO NOT post this giveaway on any comping web site, thank you.