Candle Belle #Megameltbox Review

I've been fairly vocal on the subject of beauty subscription boxes, even going as far as to suggest that I do feel they have had their day; however there is an exception to every rule and I feel it is only fair to champion the monthly subscriptions that I do rate, one such being Candle Belle's #Megameltbox.

Candle Belle #Megameltbox Review
Candle Belle #Megameltbox Review

For six whole months now, I have been receiving monthly shipments of Candle Belle Wax Tarts and not once have I been disappointed. The fragrances are beautiful, not to mention highly scented so a little goes a long way and as the tarts are huge in size, one lasts a lot longer (especially if cut in sections) than you'd imagine. Typically I slice each Candle Belle Melt into four and find that one chunk lasts around four or fix "burns", which is great value for money. There's also the fact that if you do cut into your wax tarts (Candle Belle or otherwise) you can mix, match and blend your own custom scents.

The idea behind the #Megameltbox is that you of course get a selection of various wax tarts delivered direct to your door and at a discounted price too (£11 per box with a saving of 30%). For the first three months of your subscription you are guaranteed no repeat fragrances, meaning you get experience 27 different fragrance blends. After the three months has passed, there might be the odd repeat scent but as Candle Belle offers 56 various scents repeats will be few and far between. As mentioned I have received six boxes now and have only encountered two repeat scents which I'm sure we can all agree is the very definition of minimal.

Candle Belle #Megameltbox Review

This months box contained a great assortment of Summer and Spring wax melts, coupled with one warming scent that I will be squirrelling away for the colder seasons. Let me share a few thoughts:

Candle Belle Bed of Roses - A rich, slightly powdery rose scent.
Candle Belle Flashdance - Vibrant, fruity and yet a little green; a typical girlie almost Victoria Secret-esque fragrance.
Candle Belle Strawberry and Rhubarb - Sweet, fruity and very true to life of such fruits served with a sprinkling of sugar.
Candle Belle Shiraz and Sunshine - A red grape scent, seasoned with fresh and warm notes such as amber.
Candle Belle Hot Cinnamon - Warm, spicy and just what you'd expect from this category of scent.
Candle Belle Cookie Dough - A vanilla based fragrance that is fairly true to life.
Candle Belle Wedding Day - A soft, white floral that has a delicate dusting of musk.
Candle Belle Loco Coco Lime - A creamy coconut and lime combination.
Candle Belle Blueberry Cheesecake - Super sweet and an almost candied version of blueberry, great if you have a sweet tooth.

If you enjoy having a sweetly fragranced home this is the subscription box for you - I also like that I often get to try scents that I wouldn't typically seek out in-store.

You can order your own box and find out more about Candle Belle here - link.