Are Beauty Subscription Boxes the Bargain They Once Were?

It has been months since I last purchased or featured a beauty subscription box, and that is not by accident, as a matter of fact I'm sure others feel the same way too? You see monthly beauty boxes have long lost their appeal as far as I am concerned (there is of course the odd exception here and there) but on the whole the novelty has passed. I no longer pester my postman for my bold cardboard boxes each month.

A few years ago, I was subscribed to every beauty box going - yes it was expensive but in the long run worth the investment as the products were of a high calibre and more often than not full sized. As a student on a budget, said boxes offered me several blog post options as I could (should I wish to) write about the box and then at a later date review the products individually. There was also the surprise element, something that the growth of social media has somewhat hampered, and the fact that the contents of monthly beauty boxes are no longer a mystery as well all but know what to expect.

Are Beauty Subscription Boxes the Bargain They Once Were?

With the exception of a few, we essentially can guess what each beauty box drop will contain; mini bath and body products, the odd fragrance sample and if you are lucky the odd make-up addition - which will more often than not be from a obscure brand you'll have no interest in. Full sized, quality, beauty products seem to be a thing of the past as far as the majority of beauty boxes go, and I think this is far more disappointing than repeat products.

The surprise has gone as has my interest; each month I open said boxes and disregard around 80% of the products - they are either something I have no need for, are not suited for my needs or as mentioned something I already own. I do believe that if beauty boxes somewhat tailored the contents to the subscriber, more would be willing to sign up once again. Now I am not suggesting brands roll out completely custom boxes each and every month, but perhaps more age or skin concern specific boxes would be a good starting point? Something a little different from the current status quo. Surely the end goal should be that the vast majority of the consumers are happy with the contents rather than heading to blogger Facebook groups to swap unwanted samples.

It is only fair that I do mention those who are doing it right: Cohorted, not exactly a budget friendly option but forever full of great, luxury and full sized items. I also rate the Blogger Beauty Box which was created by a fellow blogger and as such contains well thought out items, be it highly coveted brands or utterly practical beauty additions.

So tell me am I the only one that thinks the beauty box world needs to be re-invented or are you happy with the current state of affairs?