The £2 Jo Malone Shower Gel Dupe

Okay the real reason anyone visits the Supermarket is to stock up on life essentials such as y'know, food and the bare essentials; as a grown up you shouldn't really be bribing yourself to complete such task but hey whatever gets you through the night....or shopping aisles. I live in a weird area, sure there are main roads aplenty but places to shop are few and far between, as a matter of a fact the only shop within walking distance of my home is Lidl. Now please don't feel like I am bad mouthing budget supermarkets as who doesn't enjoy saving a few pennies, and personally I believe they are one of the best options for fresh fruit and vegetables (look at me adulating) but toiletries not so much. Well that's unless you are in the market for a new shower gel or three.

On a whim (okay while purchasing cookies, seriously Lidl's in-house bakery gives me life) I added one of each of the new - and what I am assuming is limited edition - Cien Shower Creams to my basket. At just over £1 each I figured really how far wrong could I go? I mean it is just a body wash, as long as it cleanses and smells great I'm happy and I can happily vouch the shower creams do just that. As a matter of a fact, the Cien Shower Creams deliver a little more than expected - you see rather than being your bog-standard shower gel, my recent budget find is in-fact a shower foam, meaning it can be used in place of a shaving foam. Can I get a hell yeah for multi-purpose products that don't break the bank.

If you are on the verge of picking up your coat and heading to your nearest creator of the best choc chip cookies ever, let me further tempt you - one of said shower foams is almost identical in terms of fragrance to a certain well loved Jo Malone scent. If you happen to be a fan - and who isn't - of Jo Malone's Pomegrante Noir then hot foot it to Lidl and purchase Cien Shower Cream in Fresh Cascade. Yes it is aimed at men but trust me when I say it is more than reminiscent of one of Jo Malone's iconic and slightly spicy Pomegranate based scent.

The other two fragrances to collect - or bypass, depending on your preference - are: Sweet Summer an almost (and I do say almost) sickly sweet, berry scent that leans more strawberry and has a decidedly "candy" like factor - nostalgic if nothing else. For a more muted tropical experience try, Cien Shower Cream in Sparkling Sunset, yes it is fruity but not typically sweet and reminds a lot of pineapple.

Basically go to Lidl, purchase the blue can of Cien Shower Cream and stock up on the freshly baked cookies, then thank me later.