Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Two Home Fragrances for Summer

Summer 2016 Woodwick Candles Review

Slowly but surely candles have become ridiculously expensive, I mean I enjoy luxurious home d├ęcor but when it feels like you are burning ten pound notes suddenly the scent of fig doesn't seem all that appealing. As much as I enjoy, own and purchase Yankee Candles it is nice to step away from the norm every now and then, and embrace lesser known but equally as affordable and wonderful brands. If you have yet to try Woodwick Candles, my gosh are you in for a treat; you'll wonder how you ever survived without the comforting crackling wood sound in the background, and of course the rich welcoming aromas too. Summer may not be the season of the humble candle but my two recent fruity Woodwick acquisitions might just change your mind.

Summer 2016 Woodwick Candles Review
Summer 2016 Woodwick Candles Review

As you can most likely see, each Woodwick Candle features a wooden wick hence the name. Now this isn't some delightful novelty feature rather this enhances the whole home fragrance experience, and adds a certain warm and ambience that other candles lack. You see once lit, each Woodwick Candle crackles and flickers away in the background much like a roaring fire, or in the case of Summer a beach bonfire or even a BBQ grill. I find that the scent somewhat dictates where your imagination will take you in terms of sound; light, fruity notes - the beach at night, deep, intense fragrances - a traditional log fire.

Summer 2016 Woodwick Candles Review
Summer 2016 Woodwick Candles Review

So if you want to turn your home into a tropical paradise there are two fruity Woodwick scents you need to try - heck if you are feeling particularly fancy you can burn both at the same time for your own at-home oasis. If you enjoy bright lemon scents that are sharp, zingy and not overly sweet then you need to try Woodwick Candle in Lemon, it is so uplifting and perfect for chasing away any weekday rain clouds. Now on paper, I didn't think that Pineapple would translate well into a home fragrance scent but it is nothing other than spectacular. It is a sunny, sweet fragrance that reminds me of fruit salads and ice pops - it truly couldn't be perfect for the warmer weather be it for day or evening use.

You can find both of the aforementioned Woodwick candles via Love Aroma store for £17.99 each - link.

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