Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Eylure Collobrates with a New Vlogger

Eylure Rosie Bea Eyelash Collection Review

I can't think of any brand more supportive in terms of blogger and vlogger endorsed products than Eylure, can you? That alone is one of the reasons I frequently purchase sets of Eylure lashes, I want to support fellow content creators and the brands that help them achieve their dreams - that and Eylure forever offer great, innovative products that don't break the bank. The latest Eylure and Elegant Touch collaboration is with a vlogger called Rosie Bea and it may just be my favourite yet.

As someone with small and hooded eyes, I do have to be extremely choosy when it comes to false eyelashes as anything to large and heavy can be a little overwhelming; as such I do prefer soft, natural, fluttery and if possible 3/4 sets of false eyelashes, all of which the Eylure and Rosie Bea collection offers. It's not often that I get to say within a range that there is something for everyone but with six pairs of false eyelashes, there is a lot of choice and options. Let me quickly walk you all six sets...

Eylure Rosie Bea Eyelash Collection Review

Eylure Rosie Bea Fling Eyelashes (£5.49) - If ever there was a pair of false eyelashes to start out with it is the Fling design; a soft, fluttery and wispy design that features a winged but altogether natural appearance with an almost invisible band that gives the illusion of naturally long yet full lashes. If you don't like overly dramatic nor obvious false eyelashes this is the pair you need to order today - as an added bonus the design is so lightweight that you are wearing false eyelashes at all.

Eylure Rosie Bea Eyelash Collection Review

Eylure Rosie Bea Flutter Eyelashes (£5.49) - Very similar to the above Fling design but slightly more dramatic; if you have fairly long natural eyelashes to begin with and want to dial up the drama a little, the Eylure Flutter design in the way to go. In my opinion Flutter is the night ready version of the aforementioned Fling lashes, they are ever so slightly longer and more voluminous but just as comfortable to wear.

Eylure Rosie Bea Eyelash Collection Review

Eylure Rosie Bea Frolic Eyelashes (£6.49) - If ever you have dreamt about booking in for a set of eyelash extensions but for whatever reason never quite got around to making the appointment, Eylure Rosie Bea Frolic Eyelashes is the perfect alternative. The Frolic design is long, silken, slightly glossy and oh so fluttery, with one quick application you can create the kind of natural looking eyelashes that typically in the past could only be available within a salon. Stock up now.

Eylure Rosie Bea Eyelash Collection Review

Eylure Rosie Bea Heyday Eyelashes (£6.49) - Forgive me but I really don't like this design, on the eye it almost appears to be half done and not quite cohesive - the problem is the lashes go from very short and natural, to thick and lengthy and quickly too. However that is simply my personal opinion and my small eye shape could also be to blame for my less than enthusiastic attitude.

Eylure Rosie Bea Eyelash Collection Review

Eylure Rosie Bea Kitsch Eyelashes (£4.99) - Now this is a clever design; you have two options depending on your needs, or desired end result - the Eylure Rosie Bea Kitsch Eyelashes are a small strip of medium to long bundles of lashes that do appear more natural when applied than in the packaging. For an almost cat like effect, apply the Kitsch lashes towards the outer corners of the eye, or for natural volume you can anchor the lashes to the centre of your eyes. More like this please.

Eylure Rosie Bea Eyelash Collection Review

Eylure Rosie Bea Kitty Eyelashes (£4.99) - It case I haven't quite mentioned it enough, I have small eyes and as such I pretty much live for 3/4 eyelashes, sure I could trim a regular pair of false eyelashes but where is the fun in that? Admittedly the Kitty design is fairly run of the mill - a short to mid-length lash that deepens in tone towards the outer corner of the eye that blends beautifully with the natural eyelashes - but 10 points for convenience.

Eylure Rosie Bea Eyelash Collection Review

All six sets of the Eylure Rosie Bea eyelashes can be re-used - I find I can achieve around 5 wears from any set of Eylure lashes around 5/6 times before they become a little tatty, however as that works out at less than £1 per wear it is great value for money.

If any, what blogger/vlogger would you like to see Eylure collaborate with next?

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