Budget Beauty Week

As you have most likely noticed The Sunday Girl has underwent a beautiful, new and fresh face lift - hopefully by doing so the focus is not only on the content but the site should load a little quicker too. Over the next week or so, a few more new features and widgets will be added but really they are for my benefit so you shouldn't notice too much of a difference from here on out.

After a few days off from blogging - well at least from posting articles -  it has been decided that the time is right to re-arrange and switch up the content; be that in terms of delivery or new and exciting content ideas (yep tooting my own horn here). I have also somewhat changed the photo set up and went back to a more basic approach - hopefully you'll enjoy the new direction, and the installation of Disqus. At long last huh?

To kick the re-launch of The Sunday Girl off, there will be a week of themed content all of which has one thing in common - it is affordable. I have plenty of new launches and recommendations in the wings ready for you to snap up should wish, without the need to re-mortgage your home. However if there is anything in particular you would like to see that ties into budget beauty do feel free to drop me a line and I'll do my best to accommodate your request.

In a similar vain, as with any new design there may be some niggles that have been overlooked so should there be a technical issue do feel free to say within the comment section and we'll get on it straight away.

Now on let's get involved within Budget Beauty Week shall we?