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Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size SPF50 Review

Forget the bright "for kids" label slapped over the dinky, little Nivea sunscreen bottle, it is just that a label and trust me when I say your handbag, glove-box and drawer at the office, needs a blue bottle or two. Yes Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size SPF50 will undoubtedly be the ideal choice for children (well I assume so anyway) but it is also the most wonderful, on-the-go SPF protection option that is both gentle and affordable, not to mention it won't weigh down your bag.

Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size SPF50 Review

Ask yourself what do you want and need from a SPF? Personally I look for a high factor SPF(I never use anything less than an SPF30), both UVA and UVB protection and a lightweight, comfortable formulation and texture. Bizarrely Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size SPF50 offers all of the above and more; yes Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size SPF50 is a thicker than average sunscreen option but it does not clog the pores, is non-greasy, quick to absorb and waterproof to boot. If that is not enough Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size SPF50 is suitable for both the body and face.

Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size SPF50 Review
Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size SPF50 Review

Now I know what you are thinking, why go for the child friendly version over your typical, find-everywhere SPF? It's simple really, the waterproof function also helps control excess oil, sweat and the general signs of humidity; as well as protecting the skin against the harmful SPF rays, Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size SPF50 almost acts as a primer too without the need for several products. If you are a little iffy about applying a non-facial specific SPF to the face, do keep in mind that Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size SPF50 has been formulated not only for the delicate skin of children but also babies. I can assure you that this do-it-all sunscreen will not irritate the complexion, and as such is perfectly safe even for those like myself who suffer from acne.

Admittedly I don't use this on my face daily but do have it to hand to apply to my hands and any exposed areas should the sun make an appearance. We've all been there, suddenly the British sun appears and you are left high and dry with no SPF protection, well now you have no excuse for burning or leaving your skin exposed. Let this be the Summer that you are utterly prepared and dare I say a little smug!

Nivea Sun Kids Pocket Size SPF50 £2.99/50ml via Boots - link.

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  1. Nivea is no doubt a big name in cream or lotion industry but I use PONDs because it is not very expensive and the quality is also fine as compare to price. my account chase

  2. Hey, I use this too, not on my face, but on my arms and legs. The only thing is that it does leave a whitish cast to my skin. Maybe that's something that those with a medium to dark skin tone face?

    According to Mimi

  3. A good idea to keep it in the glovebox for unexpected sunny days when you want to get your arms out!
    Laura x

  4. I've always considered picking up the kids sun cream but never know whether it's going to be some bright colour or too thick but this looks perfect. I'll have to get some for my trip to Greece next week x

    Wonky Lauren

  5. I swear by factor 50 because I'm so pale I burn after about 15 minutes in English sun!! I haven't actually tried Boots own brand, but I always go for the kids sun cream as I trust it a little more!

    Emily // Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  6. This is such a great size and definitely something I need in my purse! I'm so forgetful when it comes to sunscreen. x

  7. I always use kids sun cream, it just makes more sense having a child and it saves having to buy 2 different types! Last year I found Boots Solel stuff to be the best protection, price and use! Love it!


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