Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Why You Need to Try Bi-Phase Exfoliation

Melvita Nectar Bright Duo Bi-Phase Oil and Water Review

I have a weird complexion; it is seldom, if ever dry but forever dull. Sure there are lots of products to counter this problem - all of which work wonderfully, if not a little temporary but to really inject a natural glow I need to exfoliate. Not a problem I hear you say, there are so many scrubs and peels out there surely my skin must forever have a healthy, plump and glowing texture? Wrong. I am heavy handed and staunchly against microbeads, so that counts out a good few options; my skin is easily irritated and of course acne prone - what's a gal to do? Embrace a new product, a gentle solution that brightens, refines and oddly hydrates the skin in one quick step. Enter Melvita Nectar Bright Duo Bi-Phase Oil and Water, a product that aims to revolutionise skin care - get ready to change how you brighten and soften the skin on your face forever.

Melvita Nectar Bright Duo Bi-Phase Oil and Water Review

In my mind Melvita as a brand are what I'd deem to be affordable luxury; high quality, effective, innovative, natural an organic products that are forever well presented. The Melvita Nectar Bright Duo Bi-Phase Oil and Water exfoliator is bottled inside a glass, pump dispenser bottle that is a breeze to use - simply shake the contents together, spray onto the palms of your hands and apply to dry but clean skin, there is no need to rinse off, then follow up with your chosen moisturiser. Melvita have stated that the Melvita Nectar Bright Duo Bi-Phase Oil and Water can be used both day and night, personally I find that to be a little overwhelming. Rather I apply in the evening just before bed and allow it to work its magic as I sleep. The beauty of this product is that it is oil based, meaning it will especially cater to dried out complexions, in turn making light work of dry, flaky skin without further parching the skin - super clever.

Melvita Nectar Bright Duo Bi-Phase Oil and Water Review

Yes the concept of oil and floral water combining to refresh and soften the skin may seem a little bizarre, if not daunting but as it is an oil-in-water formulation, Melvita Nectar Bright Duo Bi-Phase Oil and Water is not overly greasy, quick to absorb and generally comfortable to use. Unlike a traditional, gritty exfoliator there is no way you run the risk of "over doing it" and cause skin irritation and discomfort - especially important when you have a blemished complexion to contend with. Rather simply splash this on, enjoy the beautiful fragrance, additional hydration and cooling factor, then marvel the next day at your soft to the touch and glowing skin - it is that simple. I can also vouch that despite being an oil based product, this will not overwhelm oily skin, if anything I found it to help rebalance. As an added bonus, you can also use the Melvita Nectar Bright Duo Bi-Phase Oil and Water as a refreshing stand alone facial mist - simply don't shake nor combine the ingredients, mist on and enjoy.

Melvita Nectar Bright Duo Bi-Phase Oil and Water might just be the future of exfoliation!

Melvita Nectar Bright Duo Bi-Phase Oil and Water £25/50ml via Melvita - link.
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  1. I haven't heard of bi-phase exfoliation before! I'll definitely be looking into this method.

    Rachel |

  2. Good find!

  3. I am so interested in this! I love the Melvita Narcissus Floral Water, though I haven't used it in years now, and their milky cleansing oil is a dream. Such a fab brand for natural beauty fans (like me!). :D xx

  4. I'm intrigued by this and I love oil-based products but how does it actually exfoliate!?

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  5. This alongside some Pixi Glow Tonic and I think I'm golden. I'm guessing it's just the lactic acid that does the exfoliating? I wonder about the long term improvements of skin texture when using this but at least it will be a pretty radiant glow on the spot. Love Melvita. :)


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