Friday, April 15, 2016

A Note on Burning White Sage

A Note on Burning White Sage

My white sage obsession began with a Yankee wax tart and the rest as they say is history, it was quick and when something smells this incredible, also painless. As much as I love, yes love the Yankee Sea Salt and Sage wax tart, I craved something more natural and dare I say authentic in scent which lead me to purchasing a few white sage smudge sticks.

A Note on Burning White Sage

History is by no means my strong point - and I apologise if any of this is indeed incorrect - but I have read that traditionally smudge sticks were used within cleansing rituals - to purify and bless people, spaces and places. They were and still are employed to remove any negative energy and presence; I believe that the Native Americans were indeed one of the first to practise such ritual, today Yoga and spiritual retreats often use white sage in a similar manner too.

As truly interesting as the history and spiritual usage of white sage may be, I can't say that is the reason nor purpose for my purchase - it is indeed a lovely added bonus.You see I really enjoy herbal and authentic outdoor-sy fragrances; I grew up with green-fingered grandparents, a greenhouse and a love for being outside. At any given opportunity I will wander down memory lane and that is exactly where burning white sage takes me - I know for a fact my grandparents didn't grow white sage but the herbal aroma it produces evokes memories of a beloved and happy childhood.

A Note on Burning White Sage

I must stress that true white sage is not sweet, floral nor what certain home fragrances may have led you to believe; rather it is strong, very, very green and of course herbal and when burnt there is of course the smoky element. It is oddly relaxing and re-energising at the same time; I find the punchy scent uplifts and encourages me to chill out and let go of my worries, as such I do burn this in the evening and make a point of having a little "me" time. Admittedly burning white sage won't be for everyone but it is affordable, plentiful and of course 100% natural. It could be argued that as there is no wax, nor artificial fragrances that burning this is better for your overall health but any form of smoke is in some way damaging to your lungs - as with any home fragrance ventilation is key, open a window, keep away from breezes and enjoy.

Before you knock it, try it and read up on the history too, it is truly fascinating.

You can find the small white smudge sticks via Amazon for £6.98 for two -  link.

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  1. It sounds really lovely, I adore how scents evoke memories. I picked up a candle from Primark last week and it smells so gorgeous. I don't even want to burn it, I love opening it and inhaling it, weirdly it calms me down straight away. I'll check out these sage sticks as I love the scent.

    Kiran |

  2. I had no idea that white sage was so easy to buy! I had images of you rooting around in the woods for some haha. I know that it has been connected with witches in the past, and I think the added history of the herb makes it even more special

    Steph -

  3. Ooooo I love things with history! You have me wanting to buy these now lol,

  4. Floral scents tend to make me sneeze. I'd like to try this one though! I had lavender burning earlier and felt as though my nose was going to explode.

  5. I've never thought of doing this as I prefer more florally scents, but as it's quite cheap from amazon I might give it a go! x

    |White Shirt Chic|

  6. The smell of sage must be so different from our sweet candles that I'd love to try it out this summer. As a strong smell I'm indeed not sure I'll love it, but that's an inexpensive way to add fragrance to the house and give it a relaxing atmosphere! :)

    Julia x
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