Thursday, March 17, 2016

The New York Hit List

New York Beauty Wish List

For months now I have been saving every penny in anticipation for my Summer trip to New York, I have planned a good proportion of my trip - mainly where I want to eat because, hello food and of course trips to all the famous landmarks. Rather strangely for myself I don't have a huge beauty wishlist, will I visit Sephora, Ricky's and the Drugstores? Of course but this time around I have a very specific list of things I want, this of course remains to be seen...well if my past trips to the USA are anything to go by that is.

1, Chances are most will have seen When Harry Met Sally? I haven't, so I don't really know why I opened with that line. Anyway the famous scene that has been spoofed more times than I care to count was set in Katz's Deli, a deli long famous before said film came along, heck Katz's opened way back in 1888. I am of course going to visit and eat all the sandwiches my 5ft frame can handle, then go home and order a few Katz's Chocolate Egg Cream (a drink rather than a sweet bite) scented candle to forever remember my trip. The Katz's Chocolate Egg Cream costs approx £20 and can be found here - link, I'm not sure if the deli itself will have stock in-store or not.

2, I've wanted to try Le Labo for what seems like forever but sadly there is no local counter to trot along to and test the fragrances - at £130 for a bottle of cologne, you bet your butt I'm going to want to sniff test before I had over my bank card. After meticulously reading every La Labo fragrance description via their website and think I want to try the Cedar candle and the Vetiver cologne - that of course could all change once I set foot in the store. All I'm saying is come August expect a Le Labo haul of sorts from me. In the the UK Le Labo can be found via Liberty - link.

3, Bath and Body Works, need I say more really? Who doesn't love Bath and Body Works? I'm not sure what I will buy when over in July but I know I'll be weighing down my suitcase with beautifully scented items none the less.

4, It is forever a mystery to me that Colour Pop have yet to launch in the UK. Last year myself and my sisters bought pretty much one of every lipstick - I wish I was kidding. Excessive purchases aside I do think the Colour Pop Liquid Lipsticks are phenomenal and worth every penny, the rest of the make-up line I can't vouch for and that is where my plans lie. I would really like to try out the Colour Pop eyeshadows, blushes and highlighters - I might, okay I will place an order when in the U.S. I'm also intrigued by the Kylie Jenner Lip Sets so I may indulge a little while over there.

5, On my last trip to Sephora, I umm'ed and ahh'ed over the Kat Von D Eyeshadow Palettes and failed to take one home with me - oh the regret. This time around I will purchase one of the palettes, which I'm not sure but if they are as high of quality as the other items within the Kat Von D make-up range, I'm sure I won't be disappointed.

6, Sephora make-up in general and lots of it. Well not lots as I am trying to stop being so excessive and dare I say impulsive but a few new lip stains and blushes can't go a miss, now can they? I do think that Sephora's own-brand products are often overlooked in favour of the other brands in-store - a shame really. I truly do think as far as own-brand cosmetic lines go Sephora is the one to beat.

7, Not so long ago I couldn't sleep and found myself aimlessly searching the internet and by chance stumbling across Herbivore Botanicals, within a beauty article. A range of non-toxic, natural, cruelty-free skin care items that not only look beautiful but promise to deliver results. I was sold on the spot. The only real problem is that  Herbivore Botanicals is a US brand with no current Scottish stockist (there are locations within the UK which you can search here - link). Now excuse me for coming across a little weird but I feel this is a brand, in which I'd need to see and feel to decide what I want and why. For that reason I'm holding off until in NYC and then I can decide in person what to take home with me.

8, Last but by no means least - Glossier. I'll take one of everything please - no seriously I probably will. I've heard rumblings that Glossier is on track to hit International waters so maybe I won't have to stock pile skin care after all. Who am I kidding, I'll have to pay for surplus baggage, much like I do every year - some people never learn.

If you have any further recommendations feel free to add them to my list, or perhaps you have a general NYC tip? Either way I am all ears.

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  1. A candle lover like me!

  2. I'm heading to NY in July too, when are you there? I've been three times before and I can't wait to explore even more and just like you I have planned so many places I want to eat in. There are so many recommendations I could give but it totally depends on what you want to do. Do you know if anywhere sells Colour Pop instore in the US?

  3. I'm heading over the states later this year and I'm dying to pick up some bits from Glossier! x

  4. I don't know if you're into fashion but the outlets in NY are pretty great. I always end up filling my suitcase with so many bargains, especially denim x

    Wonky Lauren

  5. Hope you have an amazing time in NYC this summer! I used to live there and it really is one of the most amazing cities in the world. And definitely stock up on Glossier products and Bath & body Works candles, you won't regret it!

    xoxo Nicole

  6. lovely! x

  7. Ooooh I'm headed to NYC in June for my second visit! When will you be there? :) I cannot wait to explore more of the city that's become my fav place on earth! ALL THE FOOD! Oh and makeups of course ;)

    Aysh xox

  8. Herbivore is a great brand! I've loved everything I've tried. I recommend the brightening mask and the coconut bath soak.

  9. Everytime you go to America, so jealous. Just looks incredible for shopping. I wouldhonestly come back with zero money... and a suitcase filled with Makeup and candles lol Love the items you have picked though, I would be picking up the Lorac Unzipped gold palette.. its just beyond beautiful!

  10. Good luck getting the Kylie Lip Kits, they're impossible! Colour Pop is definitely worth it, although orders can take a week so plan ahead.

  11. I've wanted to try Herbivore for ages, damn Sephora shipping :( NYC, take me with you....

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

  12. I too am going to New York this summer and am planning to eat however much my stomach can handle haha! The thing is - I am going with my 3 best girlfriends, which means that the entire trip will consist of queuing for hours for Instagram worthy food - e.g. that rainbow bagel in Brooklyn and those monstrous milkshakes, going completely crazy in drugstores + Sephora (especially Sephora :O I have already built up a Marc Jacobs beauty wishlist in my head, maybe some Too Faced goodies since they are so much cheaper in the US! And American skincare brands like Jan Marini and Kate Somerville as well <3) DEFINITELY will go similarly crazy in Bath and Body Works. I literally cannot wait haha!! xx

    Jacqueline | Sail Away to Neverland ♡

  13. Your picks look amazing. Le Labo do an amazing sampling programme, each vial costs £4 and they deliver them for free, which gets around the issue of having no local counter! Getting one from NY will be special (and possibly cheaper?) but in case you get the itch again when you're home, you know what to do!

  14. The Kat Von D eyeshadows are incredible, they are so pigmented and blend like a dream. The shade and light eyeshadow palette is beautiful!

  15. I've been in NYC for 6 years! So many great things to do! Stop by and say hello :)

    Mel |

  16. So you can find Herbavore products @ abc home & carpet on Broadway near Union Square. Don't be fooled by the name, they have a wonderful apothecary on the ground floor stocked with natural & organic brands (Tata Harper, rms beauty, Ilia - those lipsticks!). I haven't seen the brand in any physical Sephora stores, but who knows. What I think is really worth checking out in NYC are the Asian Beauty shops - there is a Club Clio in the Union Square area, or you can go to Chinatown to 0035mm on Mott Street. Or for the adventurous, there is Flushing Queens where there are K beauty shops galore, including sheet masks in most of the pharmacies & markets for very reasonable prices. Nice to go off the beaten path a bit, no?


    1. Oh, as for Glossier, both of my lipsticks/ lip balms fell out of the packaging within a week of using them. Credit to the team for replacing them quickly,

    2. Thank you so much :) I really want to try more obscure products and brands, as much as I like Sephora a change of pace is wonderful. I have noted this all down, thank you so much.

  17. Have you checked out the Birchbox flagship store in SoHo? I currently subscribe to their monthly beauty box (, and if ever I were to go to NYC, I'd put them on my to do list.

  18. If you're interested in any Asian beauty, NYC has pretty much everything if you know where to look. Flushing is AB Mecca--it's a trek but it's also like being in Asian and there's tons of good cheap food while you shop. If you're not willing to make the trip, Chinatown has some good options as well like oo35mm, Amore, and the upstairs of New Kam Man!


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