The Beauty Products We Don't Use

Staring at my little collection of unloved brow products, lipglosses and seldom reached for nail polishes, I think it is time I come clean there are a handful of beauty products I just don't reach for all that often. Do I appreciate great brows, shiny lips and beautifully manicured talons? You can bet your favourite nude lipstick that I do, but some areas of beauty just aren't me. Let me explain...

As far as I am concerned and in regards to my own brows of course, less is more. That's not to say that I don't brush my brows and on some occasions slick on a little brow product - more often than not it is a brow pencil. I like brow pomades, gels and powders but they require a level of patience I don't always have. I buy, try and love eyebrow products frequently and yet they often just gather dust until I have a special occasion. Maybe I should put in more effort or maybe, I should just accept that some of us have slightly more less unkempt brows than others *cough* me *cough*.

The Beauty Products We Don't Use

My real beauty weakness is lip products, one quick slick of colour and my spirits can instantly be lifted. Lipstick is more often than not a cheap yet cheerful product, and most likely the reason I have amassed more than I could possible need or use for that matter. My problem? Buying shades I will never ever use and sometimes under the guise that "it's for the blog" - blue lipstick, various tubes of ruby red and recently a handful of grey shades, all of which I have yet to muster up the confidence to wear. Help me, I'm poor (I hope this reference is not lost on everyone).

Another habit of mine is squireling away sets of false eyelashes reserved for those rare evenings out on the town. The real issue is that I don't actually wear them all that often, sure I'll test out new designs for the blog but I'm often very much relieved to rip them off, and sadly that is often my feelings when getting ready to go out. I apply all my make-up and then ask myself can I really be bothered worrying about false eyelashes pinging off and if mascara will more than suffice.

So there you have it, I'm a hoarder, a hoarder of unloved beauty products that I'm often utterly sure that I'll use and never do. Surely I can't be the only one with such habits?