Luxury Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide

Mothering Sunday is just around the corner and some of us may be in a state of panic figuring out what to get our beloved Mothers, Aunties, Grandmothers and loved ones. If you are worrying that the clock is ticking down and you have yet to find the perfect gift, let me lend you a helping hand. I have hand selected some of the best luxury beauty products around, sure to put a smile on anyone's face, let me take the fuss out of Mother's Day for you.

Luxury Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide
Luxury Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide

For the fragrance junkie...

Aerin Beauty Mediterranean Honeysuckle Eau de Parfum £88/50ml - link
Bright, citrus based and truly beautiful - this blend of grapefruit, bergamont, mandarin and lily smells like all the best parts of the Spring and Summer seasons rolled into one, it is uplifting and clean at the same time.It is juicy yet not at all cloying and is one of the few fruity scents I have come across that should appeal to all ages. Yes it is pricey but a little goes a long way

Diptyque Eau Rose Roll on Perfume £32/20ml  - link
Diptyque Roses Candle £20 - link
Forget a bunch of roses this Mothering Sunday and treat your loved one to a rose fragranced Diptyque product: be it a dinky Diptyque Roses candle that despite being small in stature does scent an entire room, or perhaps a travel friendly, Diptyque Eau Rose Roll on Perfume. Both have a light, true to life fragrance and are sure to be appreciated as a stand alone gift or perhaps a travel-friendly duo.

Luxury Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide

For the make-up maven...

Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro £26.50 each - link.
You can never go far wrong with a classic red lip, it is timeless and very much a suit all shade. My Mother swears by the Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro formulation and who am I to argue. The creamy, high coverage and bold pigments of each Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro is hard to beat - they glide on the lips with ease, offer full and long lasting coverage and never flake nor smear. You owe it to yourself to not only treat a loved one to a tube of Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro but also yourself. I personally recommend the shade 503 - the perfect, deep yet not overly dramatic red.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Knockout Mascara £24 - link.
It's not often many of us splash out of a high-end mascara but if anyone deserves a luxury treat it is my Mother and Grandmother. I see mascara as an investment, most of us use it everyday so why not splash out and treat your loved one to a great mascara that adds both volume and lift. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Knockout Mascara grabs even the tiniest of eyelashes for a wide eye come false eyelash effect. I may or may not have treated myself to a tube too...whoops.

Luxury Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide
Luxury Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide

Skincare must haves...

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream £100 - link.
Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Cream £40 - link.
I know for a fact that my Mother desperately wants to try out the Charlotte Tilbury skincare line and yet she won't allow herself to indulge. Mums eh? They'll treat us all to high end and luxurious products but won't do the same for themselves! At the moment I'm a little too young for the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Night Cream which contains Retinol amongst other hard-working ingredients to help slow down the ageing process as you sleep. It is a balm come cream texture which aims to hydrate as well as plump fine lines. There is also a matching eye cream, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Cream which aims to lift, tighten, hydrate and refresh - again not benefits I need but the packaging does have me a little weak at the knees. I will ask my Mother to report back and provide full reviews of both products.

Suqqu Musculate Massage and Mask Cream £68 - link
So maybe your loved one doesn't quite have time to visit the Spa nearly as often as they would like, what's the next best thing? A Spa quality product that has especially been formulated to compliment at home facial massage as well as doubling up as a facial mask, say hello to Suqqu Musculate Massage and Mask Cream. This thick and utterly luxurious cream when used regularly can promote blood circulation and strengthen muscles, to creates hydrated, supple, and glowing skin. Pretty cool huh?

For the hands and body...

Clarins Super Restorative Hand Cream £37.50 -link
My Mother is obsessed with hand cream and I have to say her need for moisturised skin has really paid off, her hands are youthful in appearance, super soft and dare I say in a better state than my own. One of her favourite hand moisturisers has to be Clarins Hand Cream - I have grew up seeing the iconic red tube in just about every room and handbag my Mother possess, oddly my Grandmother uses it too. Maybe in years to come this can be my family beauty secret?

Estee Lauder Revitalising Supreme Body Creme £48 - link
The ultimate in bath and body luxury has to be Estee Lauder Revitalising Supreme Body Creme, this is the equivalent of anti-ageing facial product but for your body. It tones, sculpts and helps to create plump and deeply hydrated skin all over the body. My Mother finds this product oddly exciting and says it really does help to lock in the moisture and is not as heavy as she would have expected, given all the anti-ageing and nourishing properties.

Luxury Mother's Day Beauty Gift Guide

For the jet setter...

Diptyque Art of Body Collection £35 - link
Imagine opening your suitcase to be greeted with a dinky selection of Diptyque Bath and Body products, I bet I wouldn't grumble as much about jet-lag or broken make-up, I jump into the shower and make the most of my luxurious body treats. Inside the Diptyque Art of Body Collection you will find a travel yet not skimpy in size: body lotion, shower gel, body scrub and hand balm. Forget room service this would be the highlight of any business trip.

I hope the above helps provide some form of inspiration for Mothering Sunday and maybe slightly thankful for next day delivery - seriously how did we survive before? Ha.