Diptyque Roses Candle Review

Isn't Diptyque as a brand delightful? The simple black and white packaging, pretty fonts and classic yet altogether modern fragrances, draw me in time and time again. The striking glass containers that Diptyque candles come presented within have been the focus of more blog posts, instagram photos and general photography backdrops than I care to mention, and of course subject to many a D.I.Y project. I guess the running joke is, you are not a blogger until you own a least one Diptyque candle - all said in jest of course and to some extent true, man us beauty bloggers do love a good candle or ten. As as side note, it is Mother's Day on Sunday here in the UK and a beautiful candle will last longer than a bunch of flowers, if pushed for ideas.

I spend more time than I care to admit lingering around my local Diptyque stand, debating which candle to purchase next. For the past few months, one scent in particular has been tempting me, a fragrance that I don't always enjoy and have been know to loathe - Rose. Yes Diptyque Roses is one of the few Diptyque scents on paper I would not blind buy and yet it person I can't get enough. It's fresh yet ever so slightly powdery (which in my opinion makes it slightly romantic), strong yet not overwhelming and reminds me of a freshly cut bouquet of red roses. Diptyque Roses is the rose, floral scent that will appeal to most as it is realistic - there is no guessing what it reminds you of, no artificial tinges, just a straight up robust rose scent. You'll either love it or hate it and I personally think that adds to the allure.

Forget Valentines Day I want roses all year around, Diptyque Roses that is.

As a parting note does anyone else look forward to finishing a Diptyque candle just so that you can re-purpose the jar? I have a few empty baby-sized, Diptyque candles that I'm hoping to use to house some Cacti...or maybe cotton buds. Yeah cotton buds are less prickly.

Diptyque Roses Candle £40 via Selfridges - link