Bring Back My Favourite Product

I have trust issues, beauty trust issues that is; whenever I fall in love with a beauty product, be it a lipstick, eyeshadow, blush or heck even a foundation I live in fear of one word - discontinued. Ever since I began indulging in MAC make-up collections (Barbie Loves MAC was my first and damn I miss those bright pink blushes and lip colours) this grey cloud (or should that be smoky - geddit?) has marred a few of my purchase decisions.

If a product is clearly marketed as limited edition I know where I stand; I can either purchase one of said beauty item, savour every use or become a little reckless and purchase a few backups - this is not the real issue here as I don't feel hoodwinked. It is when my favourite foundation and/or lipstick, y'know that shade that you can rely on any time, day or occasion is yanked from the shelves with no real explanation nor chase to stockpile a few surplus tubes/bottles. I'm pretty sure I'm one step away from becoming the focus of a bizarre make-up documentary - Extreme Make-Up Preppers.

Bring Back My Favourite Product

My first real taste of make-up disappointment was with budget beauty brand Seventeen, for years and I mean years, I wore a milky pink lipstick by the brand. I'm almost sure it was part of their mirror shine collection and the shade was called Flirty, or something along those lines - it was over five years ago and pre-blog when I last owned a tube of this glorious, made-for-me pink. I would typically purchase a tube or two a month, more if it was on offer and wear this subtle, slightly-shiny, pink splash of colour, all day, every day. Then bam with no real reason, my beloved lipstick was nowhere to be seen in Boots - I kid you not when I say I must have visited every Boots in Glasgow determined to snatch up the last few tubes. I cursed Boots there and then, and of course began a fruitless search of finding an alternative on a then student budget. For those wondering it was very similar to MAC Angel Lipstick - only around an eighth of the price. I don't think I'll ever get over this loss.

Fragrance, unless it is a forever timeless scent like Chanel Number 5 or maybe even within the Thierry Mugler line up, I will warn you to not to get too close. Nothing seems to be discontinued quicker than eau de toilettes and eau de parfumes, why? Well that is anyone's guess, really; it could be due to poor sales, it could be the brand wants to head in a new direction or it could all boil down to the company simply felt like pulling the trigger. The two scents that I can no longer find with ease, since they have been pushed off the shelves are DKNY Be Delicious Rio and Escada Rockin' Rio - the fact that they are both nods to Rio is merely a coincidence, I promise. Both were bright and utterly gorgeous fruity fragrances that I wore all Summer long and innocently assumed that they would be around forever. Oh how I was wrong, and my near nervous breakdown in Debenhams fragrance hall is testament to that. I just want to smell like a Pina Colada, damn it and if Estee Lauder as much as think about ever pulling Summer Goddess I will march in protest...or maybe write an email.

Foundations are also a sore point with me, it feels like whenever I find my perfect base product the brand laughs in my face and withdraws it. Truthfully I do enjoy the thrill of the chase when it comes to bases and since my skin has somewhat improved (adult acne), I will try out various formulations. I've however learnt not to become too complacent, particularly in terms of high end skin tints - recently Chanel, YSL and Clarins have all discontinued face products I have loved. It's always the ones you love the most that cut you the deepest huh?

If you could bring back one beauty product from the make-up graveyard what would it be?