10 Beauty Tasks to Conquer in March

As the saying goes - fail to prepare, prepare to fail. March is going to be the start of something beautiful, or in the very least the month that I finally get back into the swing of things. I have began ticking off menial beauty tasks one by one, ready to make the most of the upcoming 31 days. If you need a little nudge to fully get going, below in my beauty-to-do list for a better March and maybe even remainder of the year.

10 Beauty Tasks to Conquer in March

1, Wash those brushes, yes it is tedious and dare I say laborious but by doing so you are not only ensuring that you are getting the most from your tools but you'll also be simultaneously preventing blemishes caused by built up bacteria found on brushes.

2, Make March the month you finally create great sleep habits, aim to have 8 hours of quality rest each night and step away from scrolling for hours on your phone, climb into bed and enjoy the feeling that comes with being well rested.

3, Up your water intake; I'm not even close to reaching my daily two litre quota and as such I have stooped to fairly drastic measures. I read somewhere about a rather novel yet perhaps genius idea: fill a full two litre bottle of water, pop it your bag and allow the nagging additional weight to all but force you to guzzle down the water. I'm going to put it into practise as of today.

4, Prioritise your products - if like myself your shower and general bathroom is overflowing with half used bottles of everything, before you purchase another shower gel/shampoo/conditioner or whatever start using up all the scrapes. That way you'll not only clear up additional space but you won't feel as guilty when you purchase a sweetly scented bottle of bubble bath when you don't have 20 bottles of similar product glaring back at you.

10 Beauty Tasks to Conquer in March

5,Check product use by dates - a lot like above throw away all those products you have allowed to dry up and along the way have forgotten about. Clear out any beauty product that has spoiled - look for changes in texture, colour and of course scent.

6, De-clutter - so you've said goodbye to any dried up mascara and promised yourself you'll make good use of any half-used bottle of shampoo, but what about those perfectly-good-yet-not-quite-you beauty products? Y'know the bright green lipstick you bought on a whim, the-looked-great-on-the-model purple eyeshadow quad and all else you know you'll never actually reach for? If you know that all such products are doing are gathering dust then it is time to let them go; be that donating to a charity, a blog sale or passing them on to a friend - let them go to a happy home.

7, Set aside time for yourself - life is busy, complicated and often overwhelming, make the time to do whatever makes you happy and of course relaxed. This could be a bubble bath, a long walk, painting your nails or anything at all but take some time out.

8, Learn something new - the older I become, the less inclined I am to learn a new beauty application method or hair style - I've become lazy! Last week I sat down and watched various YouTube videos and somehow in the space of one hour, I not only finally mastered the art of the fish tail braid but also Dutch braids too. It's funny how something so simple boosts your confidence and leaves you feeling on top of the world - I highly recommend it. Next week I plan on finally mastering the art of liquid eye liner...wish me luck.

9, Make a list of all the products you truly need and for once stick to the list, no more rushing into Boots for cotton pads and leaving with half of the Maybelline stand all because it was on 3 for 2. Ask yourself if you really need something, stick with the essentials, save a few penny's and let treats be just that.

10, Stop abusing your skin - take the time to properly cleanse and treat your skin every night and day, use an SPF and in my instance stop using countless new products each and every week. Find a routine that works for you and stick to it.

Now if you need me, I'll be locked up in the bathroom washing and sorting a month worth of make-up brushes...send help!