Instagram Made Me Do It

Instagram is such a "thing" isn't it? I start and end my day with a scroll of my feed and spend hours not only obsessing over my little grid but most likely yours too. However unlike beauty blogs I don't find myself clicking on links, nor making little lists of must-try products after watching a Youtube tutorial. I can truly count on one hand the products that Instagram persuaded me I needed, yes need because apparently I have very little self control.

Instagram Made Me Do It

For a good few years, I promised myself that as soon as I stepped into an Ulta I would purchase both of the Lorac Pro Palettes and that is exactly what I did. Zero regrets: two beautiful palettes that have both usable neutral staples in matte, satin and metallic formulations, coupled with bright splashes of colour - in a word, perfection and this is most likely why they are still firm Instagram (and make-up fans in general) favourites. If you have any doubt in wither the Lorac palettes are worthy of the splurge then let me be the one to tell you yes and then yes again. Do you need both? Probably not, the Lorac Pro Palette is warm toned and the Lorac Pro Palette 2 is cooler toned - the problem is once you purchase one, a lot like the Urban Decay Naked family, you find yourself lusting after the others.

Perfectly sculpted and chiselled cheekbones are pretty much the order of the day on Instagram and I'm of the mindset that if you've got it flaunt it. The problem is I don't have it, not even close - I have a chubby face (looking at you excessive carb consumption) and need a little helping hand in carving out the hollows of my cheeks. The palette of choice, the one and only Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Kit, six wonderfully formulated powders that are perfectly toned to create natural shadows on the face. Truthfully as far as contour palettes of the powder variety go, this is hard to beat and I'm more than willing to bet that it will stand the test of time. Again Instagram did not get this wrong and yes this does belong in your make-up stash.

Another Anastasia Beverly Hills purchase egged on by too many hours of stalking insanely talented face painters was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks. Sadly I wish I hadn't fell for the hype, now don't get me wrong the shade range is not only pretty but expansive too. My main gripe with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks is that they set fully on the lips, or at least in experience and when they do dry down, they feel really heavy and dare I say a little sticky. At $20 a tube I'm sorry I do expect a little more, especially as liquid matte lipsticks are everywhere at the moment.

Two hits and a miss isn't too bad now is it?

Now over to you, is Instagram a constant drain on your bank account or do you tend to only scroll through the pretty photos and leave it there. Or perhaps and maybe a little controversially do you avoid purchasing anything off the back of Instagram due to the barrage of advertisements?