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31 Blog Post Ideas for March For Every Blogger

31 Blog Post Ideas for March For Every Blogger

Over the last few months I have published monthly blog prompt posts to help those that have perhaps run out of ideas, and the truth is I really look forward to writing them. As such I am thinking of perhaps making it a monthly feature - well that is if of course wanted, if you have had all the blogging post ideas you can take do feel free to let me know.

Anyway this month I have decided to somewhat step out of outright beauty post ideas and provided more universal nudges, prompts that can be applied to most blogs with a little imagination.

31 Blog Post Ideas for March For Every Blogger

1, Let's talk about blogging - what made you start, where are you now and how do you see us all progressing. Are you still the same blogger you were when you began?

2, What are the 5 blogs you have been reading the most in 2016, share the love and a link. You could expand this piece by creating categories i.e your top food blogs, your must-read beauty blogs and all that is in-between.

3, What have you been wearing non-stop? This could be a lipstick, a favourite sweater, a fragrance or all of the above.

4, What are your goals for the month or even year ahead, sit down and compose a chatty post - catch everyone up with your life and perhaps share a few plans too.

5, We are all dreaming of a little sun and general escapism, why not share a travel guide to a place you know really well - it could even be your home town. I know what you are thinking how can a beauty blogger adapt this to work - a list of must visit beauty hot spots from salons to nail bars and all that is in-between would be helpful.

6, Speaking of travel, where are you off to next and do you have any general travel tips - what to pack, what to avoid and how to get the best travel deal? Again you could more than adapt this to suit your own blog and writing style.

7, A simple but effective prompt - what have you been purchasing lately? For some it might be lipgloss others it could be home ware pieces, a car and all that is in-between.

8, Next Sunday is Mother's Day here in the UK and I truly can't think of a better time to pen an ode to your Mother or any loved one for that matter. It could be a thank you note, an overview of your day or anything you see as a fitting tribute.

9, What have you been reading? Fiction, non-fiction, beauty books, blogs and websites - I'm sure we are all looking for something new to break up our commute.

10, How do you save money - this is a question I'm constantly asked and as such I know we all have different ideas and approaches. From scrimping on high end beauty products to more lifestyle friendly tips, I'm sure we could all share a few pointers.

11, What are you saving up for? A holiday (I'm being frugal so I can run wild in the aisles of Sephora in New York), a new car, a blow out shopping spree or perhaps something more practical?

12, Do you have a job, full time or otherwise and blog? How do you manage your time to allow you to blog? I'm sure others would appreciate a post full of pointers and tips.

13, The above pointer could also be applied to parents, students and/or careers. We are all looking for advice on how to best manage our time and as everyone has a different approach, no two posts will be the same.

14, What are you letting go of? Negativity, frivolous spending, being harsh on yourself or perhaps a caffeine habit you can't kick. A new month means new beginnings and the chance to try and self improve should you wish.

31 Blog Post Ideas for March For Every Blogger

15, How do you relax? A walk, bubble baths, a good book, the choice is never ending.

16, How has 2016 been thus far? What have you learnt along the way? Skills, lessons or even new products.

17, Have you changed your routine or habits: skincare, fitness, eating or sleeping?

18, Do you have any must try products or items they don't necessarily have to be beauty related. Just the other day a friend of mine was raving over a new cook book. It turns out it is pretty great and yes I did purchase a copy.

19, Do you have any general blogging tips and advice?

20, Do you have any must visit websites and resources that every blogger should know about?

21, Do you know anything about SEO? Do you have some beginners tips and pointers that others could learn about?

22, What pitfalls should bloggers try and avoid and do you have any cautionary tales?

23, Not a prompt as such but a nudge to add a new category to your blog, it could be health, fitness, food heck even your love for conspiracy theories. Broaden your horizons and let people know the real you.

24, Forget blogging for a moment, do you have any time saving general life organisational tips?

25, What are your favourite apps? It can be apps for health, blogging, photography and anything else that you think may be helpful.

26, How do you best de-clutter from your desk, to your wardrobe, to your inbox to even your beauty stash, I'm more than sure you could help others stuck in a rut.

27, How do you stay upbeat? Music, exercise, journalling, taking time out - share your tips and general motivators.

28, What have you overcome this year? A fairly personal post but perhaps one you would like to get off your chest. It could be as simple as eating in public alone, standing up for yourself or even a health issue.

29, What are you most looking forward to in the coming months? Again this is completely open to interpretation, for me it is travel and re-decorating but for others it could be welcoming a baby, getting married, finishing school/collage,  a milestone birthday or whatever they happen to have going on.

30, What advice would you give to bloggers just starting out in 2016? You could expand this piece by talking about how blogging has changed since you began and what you wish you knew back then.

31, Why not compose a list of your own blog post ideas and prompts, if a beauty blogger you could compose beauty suggestions, if a food blogger it could be a month of recipes - the list goes on.

I hope the above is helpful in some capacity, and as mentioned above do let me know if you would like me to compose a list for April?
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