Nuxe Anti Dark Spot Perfecting Masks Review

By now you've probably come to realise that I really enjoy sheet masks, it has become both an obsession and a somewhat evening ritual. At the moment Korean brands well and truly lead the way within such skin care innovation category and as such I'm a little hesitant to branch out. If any brand could tempt me and sway my mind to down my beloved Tony Moly sheet masks it has to be Nuxe. I mean French skin care is also pretty mind-blowingly wonderful. Well I am pleased to report that Nuxe sheet masks don't disappoint and as such, could become one of the non-Korean permanent additions to my ever growing sheet mask collection.

As soon as you open one of the Nuxe Anti Dark Spot Perfecting Mask sachets you are not only greeted with a 100% pure cotton mask but a beautiful, light rose scented aroma. Each mask is doused in 21ml of serum which does make the masks a little on the wet side; rather oddly, they don't really drip (nor are they in anyway sticky) and with the surplus essence you can also treat your hands and décolletage. You of course apply the mask to dry yet freshly cleansed skin and allow it to work its magic for up to 30 minutes, afterwards there is no need to rinse the skin, simply massage in any remaining serum.

Nuxe Anti Dark Spot Perfecting Masks Review
Nuxe Anti Dark Spot Perfecting Masks Review

Nuxe is a brand in my experience at least that places importance on ingredients and the Nuxe Anti Dark Spot Perfecting Mask are no different. The serum used within the masks contains the essence of several precious flowers such as: White Crocus, Stargazer Lily and Porcelain Rose combined with Vitamin C which aim to promote skin radiance and of course help correct hyper-pigmentation issues such as sun spots. I don't suffer from pigment issues (don't worry that is not boastful, my skin is less than wonderful for many other reasons) so I can't say if that claim is true or not. I can tell you that after one quick use my skin was brighter and softer, as well as wonderfully plump.

The mask instructions do state that for best results you should apply a mask, once to twice a week. I'm in no means a skin care professional but I find for sheet masks to really work their magic, you do have to slap one on nightly, which brings me to my next point.

My one real grumble? The price, you see most sheet masks (Korean or otherwise) are typically inexpensive as they are intended to be used frequently - on average most retail for just over £1 a sheet. The Nuxe Anti Dark Spot Perfecting Mask set will set you back £30 for six masks, which of course places the masks at £5 each - a pricey habit if you of course use nightly but truly luxurious. That and as someone who is just in their twenties, I of course don't have age spots so the technology may be wasted upon my complexion - my Grandmother on the other hand thinks the brightening and cooling, Nuxe Anti Dark Spot Perfecting Mask are the best thing since sliced bread.

In a nutshell a cooling, relaxing and brightening treatment which will instantly hydrate the skin, and may help those with pigmentation issues.

Nuxe Anti Dark Spot Perfecting Mask £30 via Look Fantastic - link.