Blogging Goals 2016

Happy New Year - in my head, the New Year doesn't really begin until the first Monday of the year; any time before that is premature and I will most likely be found with a slice of Pizza in hand, complete with some sort of Netflix documentary blaring in the background. Seriously if you have yet to watch Making a Murderer make this a top priority. Gripping is an understatement.

First and foremost, yes this is a beauty blog and that is not something I want to ever change. Ever. Beauty is my passion and very fortunately (I must have been good in a past life to be this lucky) my vocation. I do however feel not only a need but a desire of some sort, for things to become a little more personal. Now I'm not talking about airing my dirty laundry, rather I would like any reader to feel like a little more acquainted with me in the coming months. You see for far too long I have put off filming videos, I have several ideas all swimming around my head but zero confidence to put myself out there. I don't want another year of what if's and regret so for my own sanity, I will set up my camera and film something. Something may all this amounts to but at least I can say I've tried.

Blogging Goals 2016

You've seen the Pinterest quotes and don't need me to tell you that the New Year is a new start/book/set of chances. I'm not technically starting over, rather I would like to expand and grow my topics of discussion. The two new areas I will be hoping to divulge a little further into are well-being and fitness. Now you'll excuse me for being a little (okay a lot lazy) the last fortnight or so, and slobbing out in my pj's but as of today I'm back on the healthy eating and exercise kick. Kick is the wrong term, hopefully with enough dedication it will be an overall lifestyle change. I want to feel good both on the inside and outside, I know that junk food and zero exercise is doing nothing positive to my body, nor my mental state and have vowed to turn this around. I'm not sure how I will approach such posts but know that they are in the works.

Now for blogging goals - probably the most bizarre term I have typed out in a long while. My biggest aim or perhaps wish is to still be blogging well into 2017; this year marks my fifth year of beauty blogging which may not seem like a huge milestone, but for someone non-committal and in their twenties, it is a pretty big deal. Yes the blogging landscape is ever changing and we will all have to ebb and flow to carve our place within the booming industry; let's keep in mind, as little a five or six years ago, the concept of earning enough money from a blog to keep afloat was almost laughable (I still get the odd snigger when discussion my vocation). Change is exciting and think we should all embrace it, blogging is very much in its infancy let's see where it takes us all.

My other aims in regards to The Sunday Girl include being true to myself; in 2015 there are a few posts that I am not particularly proud of. In hindsight I don't believe that they are something I should have okay'd, alas I did and can no have no other choice but to chart it up to a learning experience.Without going into too much detail, the last few months have been difficult personally (I know, I know this isn't the X-Factor) and for a while I lost focus in all areas of my life. I've dusted myself off and promise that the next 12 months will be all killer and zero filler. On that note, if there is something on The Sunday Girl you'd like to see more or less of, please don't feel like you can't speak up, I am all for self growth and constructive criticism.

Lastly and definitely most importantly, I fully want to support the blogging community. As saccharine as it may sound - we all need one and other, we should build one and other up, rather than tearing one and other down. I'm not for one moment saying you have to like everyone but let's not resort to hateful comments nor name calling; concentrate on the sites/people you enjoy and make everyone's lives a little happier and remember most of us are just trying to find our place within this crazy world we call blogging.

Blogging power (for full effect you should sing this in the style of Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, the cartoon theme tune)!

Here's to you in 2016, may it be the best 12 months of your life - you've got this!