A few years ago, all I did was burn Kringle Candles - I couldn't get enough, then just like that they were no longer available within the UK and I had to look elsewhere for fun and intense home fragrances. Some came close but I'd only be lying to myself if I said that I didn't miss Kringle Candles, luckily this year brought some good news with it. Yes, Kringle is now back in the UK and better than ever.

Kringle by Kringle Candle

One of my personal favourite festive scents has to be Kringle by Kringle Candle, yes a candle named after St.Nick that side steps the usual pine and sickly sweet notes to create a magical, festive scent that may have you singing Christmas Carol's against your will. Well maybe not but it is a wonderful, less than typical, festive scent that will make the perfect gift, be it for you or a loved one.

As much as I love cheery, fruity and spice based candles come December, I'm also realistic in knowing that there is next to no chance that I will complete any candle over the festive period. Rather I prefer home fragrances that I can enjoy all year round. Kringle by Kringle Candle is just that: a sleepy, light, musk based scent that contains green notes such as clove and cedar to evoke memories of Winter's past. It is softened with floral and musk accents to prevent it from screaming "Christmas". If freshly fallen snow had a scent, it would be Kringle by Kringle Candle.

Kringle by Kringle Candle £22.99 via Love Aroma - link.