Korean Beauty Sheet Masks

It's December the 27th and the one word I'm not quite ready to hear nor embrace is "Detox". Yes my stretchy-trousers are busting at the seams, desperately trying to contain what the T.V show Friends taught me to be holiday weight, but the fridge is still full and this Goose isn't quite fat enough. The diet can wait until January (I'm thinking it may commence on the 4th, give or take a day) but my skin is crying out for help.

The sudden increase in sugar, rich food and lack of water has wrecked havoc on my complexion; my already blemish prone skin is suffering the mother of all break outs, my skin is dull and grey. With New Years Eve on the horizon I have decided to bust out the big guns - yep my stash of sheet masks.

Korean Beauty Sheet Masks

At this point my obsession with sheet masks is more than a little concerning - given half the chance I would spend all day with a white, liquid doused mask attached to my face. Sure physically the white, cotton mask is not all that appealing but the cooling serum they contain, is worth the funny looks from family members and the postman alike.

The real problem is that here in the UK, sheet masks are few and far between; it has only been very recently that a few brands have clambered aboard the bandwagon making my choices very limited. Don't get me wrong I do rate and use Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Masksalongside the When Sheet Masks Both are great but my interest really lies within Korean skin care; a beautiful world of novel and intricately packaged products, that I no next to nothing about and yet I have found myself ordering an array of masks to try out. Will they help my skin? Who knows but I am in deep and don't know where to begin.

That is where you hopefully come in, I'm sure that someone out there will be more equipped and familiar with Korean Beauty brands than I, and be able to guide me or nudge me in the right direction? Ideally I'm looking for advice in the world of Korean sheet masks but if you have any Korean skin care recommendations, I am all ears. Who knows 2016 may be my best skin year to date...