10 Ways To Protect Your Hair Without Trying

I do enjoy having long hair, if I didn't I'm sure I'd hack it all off and call it a day but I won't pretend that caring for my tresses is easy nor cheap. I go through more conditioner than you could possibly imagine and taming knots and frizz is a daily battle. I do however have 10 quick and easy tips that have not only protected my hair from damage but saved me time too. Here's a few lazy gal tips to help you take care of your hair, all without a whole lot of effort...

10 Ways To Protect Your Hair Without Trying

1, Give your hair a break from heat; initially downing tools can be daunting but since vastly reducing the use of heated styling tools my hair has never looked or felt better. If you do use heat be sure to protect your hair with a heat protecting spray.

2, Clear out your hair ties; opt for those that don't feature metal strips or closures to prevent them from snagging in your hair.

3, Wear your hair down occasionally, severe and tight styles can cause breakage and in some instances hair loss. As a rule if your pony tail or top knot is giving you a headache, it is time to loosen it and prevent hair damage and of course a pounding head.

4, Never brush your hair when it is soaking wet (even with a Wet Brush or Tangle Teezer); hair is at its weakest when wet, if you can allow your hair to be around 80% dry before beginning to de-tangle.

5, As silly as it may seem, brush your hair daily. I know how easy it is to pull your hair into a top knot over the weekend and ignore it completely but by doing so there is a good chance you are creating, large knots that may lead to hair breakage.

10 Ways To Protect Your Hair Without Trying

6, Use dry shampoo, over washing your hair (such as daily), may strip it of its essential oils and lead to brittle hair. If your hair doesn't really need to be washed, reach for the dry shampoo.

7, Avoid back combing - it is stressful to the hair and if you are too vigorous it will lead to breakage and split ends.

8, Speaking of split ends don't do what I do and pick at them, you will only further split and damage the hair. Leave them be and when you can, pop along to your local hairdresser and book in for a trim.

9, Admittedly this does require a little effort but swapping a traditional towel for an old 100% t-shirt to dry off your hair will prevent frizz and static, not to mention it is by far kinder.

10, If you want long, luscious locks you now have another reason to sip on water. Believe it or not, our hair needs water to grow and it can combat dryness (well to some extent) too.

If you have any further tips to add, please feel free to chime in - I'm all ears!