I'll Forever Look at Hair Ties Differently Now

There is an article doing the rounds on social media about a woman, catching a bizarre and if I am brutally honest, horrific infection; all of which is said to steam from wearing a hair tie on her wrist. This is something I and so many others are guilty of on a daily basis, I even went through a phase of purchasing the oh-so-pretty, hair ties that double up as bracelets - you know the type, thick elasticated bands with a large knot? Well it turns out my attempts at being both practical and fashionable where for nought and maybe cause for panic or at least change.

I'll Forever Look at Hair Ties Differently Now

If you have yet to read Audree Kopp's story (and I don't suggest you Google it if you are about to eat), let me give you the skinny. It all happened with Audree Kopp noticed a small bump on her wrist, a lump that behaved and looked very much like a bug bite; as most would she assumed it would clear up on its own and thought nothing more of it. After a week or so of it becoming more inflamed and prominent, again like any normal person would she visited the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics. Unfortunately said medication did nothing and the lump continued to grow and cause problems, to put her mind at ease Ms.Kopp decided to visit A&E.

It turns out she was entirely right to do so as she needed emergency surgery to lance the abscess which was containing three different types of bacteria and could have resulted in sepsis should it have went untreated. Yikes!

Like most I was utterly curious as to how this could happen; like I said a whole new hair band trend was created purely to be worn on the wrist, surely hair accessories can't pose that big of a risk to our health ? Well the official diagnosis is that the bacteria in question was most likely generated from the hair band, it seemingly seeped in through her pores and hair follicles causing a triple infection. Like I said grim (don't Google the photos until you have at least had lunch) and totally unfortunate but nothing all that common, therefore not something that we should panic about. That being said I truly am glad the poor lady is on the mend!

I'll Forever Look at Hair Ties Differently Now

The whole unfortunate incident has left me thinking, I am now of the opinion that perhaps sporting a hair tie around my wrist is not the best idea after all - well at least not the elasticated, fabric covered types anyway. I mean think about it, they are absorbent therefore goodness knows what may be loitering around your wrist. Gross (or maybe I am simply over thinking it?). One thing I know is that I will be switching over to plastic hair ties; yes I have toyed with them in the past but never really made the commitment. Why? Well truthfully they are by far more expensive option and if I am entirely honest, a little ugly. There I said it.

However they don't retain moisture, are easy to wipe clean and are ideal for heavy, thick hair such as my own as oddly they are more supportive. Don't ask me how but I can pop my hair in a high pony tail with a plastic hair ring and come the end of the day there is no tension head ache - something traditional hair ties can not boast. I also rather like that they don't leave in-dents or creases in my hair and they remove easily without snatching a handful of hairs on their departure; if that is not enough they don't break all that easily and do tend to retail their original shape, even after several uses. Perhaps the real point of this post- hair ties such as Invisibobble are dreadfully uncomfortable to wear on my wrist - the bulky design snags and catches on clothing, the bold design means I'm always aware of it (never out of sight nor mind), thus encouraging me to break the habit once and for all.

Has the recent story regarding hair ties forever changed your hair accessory habits?