Borrowed from the Boys

I have four brothers; four boys that think nothing of pinching my bath and skin care products, often without as much as asking. Rude. With that in mind it is only fair that every now and then I "borrow" some of their products, some of which I have grown a little too found of. If you told me a year ago I'd be using a caffeinated hair product aimed at men with hair loss, I'd have most likely side eyed you and yet here we are...

Borrowed from the Boys

Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo (£5.55 via Boots)
I'm a worrier, one particularly bad hair shed last Autumn and I was convinced I was going bald. I'm in no way poking fun at hair loss, I know it is traumatic and of course that it happens for many reasons - male or female. To somewhat cushion my hair woe induced panic, my brother introduced me to Alpecin Caffeine Shampoo, a now cult hair product amongst men all over Europe (apparently a bottle is sold every six second or something like that). Marketing aside this is a great shampoo, it deeply cleanses my hair, leaves it soft and less prone to static. As the hair loss was mostly in my mind, I can't comment if this does or does not prevent hair loss but I have noticed less shedding and a lot more regrowth in terms of length. Apparently it works by penetrating the hair follicle and scalp with caffeine to strengthen the hair and encourage hair growth. Like I said I'm unsure to what degree this is true but it is a great, gentle yet deeply cleansing shampoo that my hair (and scalp) really enjoys.

Male Disposable Razors
I do have a few feminine razors that I truly do love and use pretty religiously but when away from home or when pay day is yet to arrive, I am not above popping into the Pound Shop (the UK equivalent of the Dollar Store/Tree) and purchasing a pack of BIC/Gilette for Men razors. Cheap, cheerful (well kinda) and easily found, they more than do the job of de-fuzzing my legs. As a side note male aimed razors (disposable or not) do tend to be cheaper than their female counterparts, something to pounder next time you are bored in the Supermarket aisles.

Male Shaving Foam/Gel
This is the product I do "borrow" the most from my brothers, as much as I love peach and berry scented shaving aids, shaving gel is the one product I forever forget to purchase. Sometimes I use conditioner, sometimes I use a conditioning shaving foam but mostly in my moment of need I'll route around my brothers bathroom cabinet. Let's be honest fragrance choice aside, all shaving gels/foams do the same thing - provide a comfort barrier and certain degree of slip, to help the razor glide over your skin and prevent cuts/rashes. Again if you aren't overly bothered by pretty packaging or scents male shaving foam is marginally cheaper than the female aimed version. 

I'm close to my family but not "let's share a stick of deodorant close", Gilette Clear Gel Cool Wave Anti-Perspiriant Deodorant was a happy accident and again a product recommendation born out of my continual life woes. 

As laughable as it may be, I have super sensitised skin under my arms, ludicrous I know but it is true. My under arms really dislike spray deodorants and I do struggle finding a roll on that is quickly absorbed. Oh life. One day I was grumbling about deodorant and my brother said he really enjoyed gel formulas - he didn't specify which because that would of course make my life a little too easy. On a mission to find a gel anti-perspiriant deodorant I found Gilette Clear Gel Cool Wave Anti-Perspiriant Deodorant, yes it has a somewhat aquatic, male centric scent but it really does work. A cooling, moisturising yet quick to absorb, hard working deodorant. Sure I may run the risk of any future boyfriend wearing the same deodorant but it is a risk I'm willing to take. 

I'm going to hop up onto my soap box and say that I don't think shower gels or body washes should be gender specific. I think like most things in life you like what you like, so why the need for a label? One of my all time favourite showering products happens to be Superdrug Orange and Ginger Shower Gel which can be found in the grooming aisles of your local store. A sweet, bright and oddly festive scent that uplifts the senses and cleanses the skin. I can't tell you how many bottles I've purchased in the last year or so but if you are fed up of overly floral or aquatic scents, I can't recommend this enough. As an added bonus it can apparently double up as a shampoo.

What do you "borrow" from the boys?