all I want

Believe it or not, I very seldom receive beauty gifts from my family or friends and to be honest I don't blame them at all for side stepping the beauty aisles. If I find it impossible to recall what I own and what I don't, what chance do they have? Rather they tend to surprise me with DVD box sets (I am quite the sitcom aficionado), pj's and random cat related objects - all things I love and truly do want. If they were to purchase me a beauty item or two, this is the direction I would point them in...

1, Tom Ford Private Blend Blush Santal Eau de Parfum - I call this the one that got away, every time I have been close to purchasing this I get blinded by Tom Ford's latest launch. One day, this soft, creamy floral scent shall be mine.

2, Diptyque Amber Candle - For a few years now I have been treating myself to Diptyque Figuier Candles but recently I have found myself more and more temped by the richer notes of Diptyque Amber - a warming, unisex blend that is utterly more-ish. I doubt I'll leave Space.NK empty handed come my next visit.

3, Becca Opal Highilghter - I own a few Becca highlighters, including Champagne Pop but the one I have yet to track down is Opal. I know the light, shimmering golden finish isn't exactly ground breaking and I probably have a few similar products in my stash but the heart wants, what the heart wants.

4, Smith & Cult Nail Polish - Can you say obsessed? I own one Smith & Cult Polish and while painting my nails I finally had an a-ha moment. As you may know I only use 5 free and Vegan nail polishes which somewhat limits my choices, I longed for a hard wearing yet somewhat luxury formula and brand - easier said done. Smith & Cult are my nail polish Knights in armour, beautiful shades, a great formula, none harmful and kind to animals. Trust me when I say like Pokemon, we should collect them all.

5, Christian Louboutin Lipstick - At this point I don't even care what shade, I just want a point gilded gold lipstick come weapon but that £60 price tag...ouch.

6, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - Do I need another foundation? Nope, not even close but the rave reviews of this formulation have swayed me and convinced me it may be the cure to all of my skin woes. It probably isn't but I can't stop lingering over the order now button.

7, Laura Mercier Eau Gourmande Perfume - If you have ever as much as sniff tested the Laura Mercier Amber Vanille product range you will want a bottle of this scent. A sweet, vanilla essence that is warmed up with notes of Amber - it truly is delicious.

8, Charlotte Tilbury Ecstasy Blush - Another product that has topped my wishlist for quite some while, as there is no Charlotte Tilbury counter in my home town I have yet to see this is person, hence the delayed purchase. I am thinking that it is pretty difficult to make an ugly Coral blush so maybe I should just take the chance?

9 & 10, Clinique Colour Pop Lipsticks in - By now you have probably guessed that I enjoy coral toned make up items? I find coral lipstick so easy to wear and surprisingly flattering. The Clinique Colour Pop lipstick range is easily one of my favourite, non-matte formulations and I am determined to purchase the shades Melon Pop and Fab Pop before the year is over. I'm also looking at Poppy Pop and Sugar Pop - if you have tried either, do let me know your thoughts.

This is obviously just that - a wish list and just for fun , I would not ask nor expect anyone to purchase me a £330 bottle of perfume. If I am entirely honest I will most likely purchase the majority of the above items for myself because I am a sassy, independent lady who can't say no to a little retail therapy.

If money was no object, what would be on your Christmas wish list?