When you think of Liz Earle I imagine your instant association is with skin care? Don't get me wrong Liz Earle do wonderful skin care products, some of which I do deem to be staples but often overlooked are the beautiful fragrances that the brand offers. Just in time for the chilly Autumn and Winter seasons is the launch of three, wonderfully fragrant candles - you'd be forgiven for collecting all three. If you enjoy warm, almost spicy fragrances with a delicate edge I recommend trying out the newly launched Liz Earle Damask Rose & Pink Pepper Botanical Candle.

In a simple but weighted, frosted glass jar nestles a blend of richly scented,100% natural wax - it burns clean, which is great for your walls and lungs. The packaging may not be the most elaborate but it will slot nicely into any room and suit all interior tastes; rather Liz Earle Damask Rose & Pink Pepper Botanical Candle let's the fragrance do the talking. A beautiful authentic rose scent that is not at all powdery and thanks to the ever so slight spicy kick it helps create a warm aroma, even on the coldest of evenings. The Amber note only intensifies the warmth of the scent and prevents it from being overly floral based.

Inspired by sun soaked days and romantic nights, Liz Earle Damask Rose & Pink Pepper Botanical Candle features notes of pink pepper, Amber and Turkish Rose. In true Liz Earle style the fragrance is created using essential oils for a true sense of ambience and luxury. As someone who has tried a lot of candles over the years let me tell you the essential oils make all the difference, not only do they help to calm the sense and aid relaxation but my goodness are they strong. Forgot filling a room with the rich, floral explosion that is Liz Earle Damask Rose & Pink Pepper Botanical Candle, this little jar of scented wax will fragrance your entire home. It is one of the candles in which I can burn for a few hours in the evening and still notice the lingering spice based rose fragrance the next day. Divine.