Brow Confessions

I remember when everyone either over plucked their eyebrows or left them au natural. Chances are if you are a 90's baby or kid you have the same memories? When I was in high school no-one really bothered with their eyebrows, there was no obsession with waxing or tinting, a simpler time if you will, a period in which me and my brows where happy. Now it's all anyone can talk about and it seems if your brows ain't right, you ain't right. Well I'm not entirely sure about that...

Yes great brows frame the face, I'll openly admit that I will admire a great set of brows on a man or woman but a lot like full lips, great bone structure etc it does often feel like you are either naturally blessed or not in such department. As someone with naturally dark blonde hair my brows much like my eyelashes are almost non-existent, sure I could tint them but I personally think it looks ridiculous. They look heavy, out of place - regardless if someone skilled does them or not. I'd go as far as saying I look better without filled brows as I do with -maybe it is a confidence issue or an acquired taste? I often wonder if I am the only one who feels this way in regards to brow grooming?

For the record I do fill my brows most days, more often than not with a pencil but I can't say I'm overly fussed should I forget (you'd be surprised at what often slips my mind) and if I am pushed for time it is the step I will forgo. Since I am in the mood for laying my confessions bare let me share a little further - I've only plucked my eyebrows a handful of times, I don't enjoy the process and thanks to the sparse blonde hairs, I *think* I can just about get away with it? Waxing and tinting? Twice and neither time was I overly impressed - I felt scalped, intense and looked permanently surprised. Threading? Holy moly that was painful, it did give a really clean brow shape but let's just say I'm in no rush to do it again any time soon and again I've only experienced the process once. Oh I should also point out that all of the above happened over the age of 21 - a late bloomer to say the least.

So tell me am I alone in saying that it is time brows creeped back into the shadow they once lurked in or am I a complete weirdo that needs to have a long, chat with myself and brows?